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Just like the work of SEO, our fight against other web marketing competitors is never ending, yet we consistently out-rank them for our main keyword term: “Orlando Web Marketing.” Besides out-ranking our competitors on the web, we out-rank them through our communication with our clients… OK maybe that’s a little bias coming from us, but we do show for it in our Google reviews! Our goal at Get The Clicks is to be completely transparent with you and how we can help keep your vision going. We work as a team to meet your specific goals and help you in any way we can. It’s all about that extra 1% of going above and beyond that separates us from our competition.


We have a custom built proposal process that is unique to your situation. Offering multiple pricing options, we give our clients the chance to choose what is best for their budget. We work on branding, local, and national SEO, along with website development and design giving you a variety of pricing options to help your business move in the right direction. We don’t bamboozle you into the highest priced plan; we want you to trust that we have your best interest in mind.


Time can be tricky in the SEO world. The hardest thing for SEO gurus is to explain to our clients that we are at the mercy of Google, and getting your company to rank does take time. We try to explain that SEO doesn’t work in a vacuum and there isn’t a step by step process that magically pops you on the first page. With that being said, we are 100% transparent with our work. We keep our clients updated with what we are working on and meet with them monthly to make sure they know we are doing our very best to rank them. For better understanding on SEO and time, visit our blog https://www.gettheclicks.com/clicks-blog/communicating-seo-clients/

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