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Search Engine Optimization is the long-term play. SEO is also a combination play. The long road to a top organic ranking is fraught with setbacks along the way. Google assures it is a hard way to market yourself. Even though people think Google is a free search engine with some paid space, it is really a paid search engine with some free space, and over the years the free space has become more sparse.

Today, it covers less than 55% of the average search results page and the trend is showing that over the next few years it will become less and less.

Why? Simple!

Google doesn’t make any money from organic listings. Thus, Google is getting more and more picky who the reputable businesses are to showcase on its “free” organic listings.

Additionally, we would like to point out that many people believe Search Engine Optimization is a cheap way to market yourself. While the long-term lead acquisition cost is certainly low, the short term acquisition cost is extremely high, much higher than Paid Search. This is due to the extensive ramp-up period. With SEO your opportunity cost starts very high and decreases over time.

Once a high-ranking position is achieved, this position then needs to be defended to assure no other competitor is going to take it from you. You took the position from someone else and that business will most likely not stand by idle allowing you to take their leads. Thus Search Engine Optimization is an on-going battle of who will be in Google’s best graces.

What is SEO? What is Local SEO?

You may be wondering what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most recommended ways of getting organic traffic to your website. SEO works to improve both the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic. When using SEO strategies, your site becomes more visible and you’re much more likely to find new customers.

The algorithms used to rank search results take your SEO into consideration when deciding what to rank. With proper SEO tactics, your site will rank higher on the results page and draw organic visitors.

Now, what is local SEO? Just like regular SEO, local SEO is about increasing your website’s visibility to gain more organic traffic. While normal SEO takes into account customers from anywhere in the world, local SEO focuses on customers who are nearby or, in other words, local.

Local SEO is used when a business wants to increase their in-person clientele or expand their reach across a local area. In particular, businesses that are unable to serve those who aren’t local tend to focus on local SEO. These are businesses like dental offices, mom-and-pop restaurants, and daycare centers that are looking to increase business in the area around them.

When it comes to local SEO, you’ll use slightly different tactics than regular SEO, but the gist of things remains the same. Local SEO involves making sure your business shows up in proximity searches and claiming a physical location.

When people look up “lawyers near me” and they’re located in the same area, you want them to see your practice in the results.

How Our Tampa SEO Agency Can Help

As experts in SEO, we can help you and your business in a number of ways.
By using well-tested methods and knowledge from our years of expertise,our Tampa SEO company can
help you navigate and dominate the world of SEO.

1. In-Depth Keyword Research

The importance of keywords sometimes goes unnoticed. Many times, advertisers will do a quick search for keywords and throw them all together so that an ad will show up for more results. When it comes to search engine optimization though, that’s not necessarily what you want to do.

Our Tampa SEO experts will conduct in-depth keyword research for your business. We’ll find the keywords that are most relevant as well as come up with a customized strategy.

2. Customized Written Content

If your business has a blog, it’s important that you post original content that also follows search engine optimization basic principles. Without this, your site will perform poorly in web results. Your content must be engaging and well-written so that the visitors directed to your site sticks around and becomes customers.

When creating custom content, we employ all the best search engine optimization techniques. By avoiding keyword stuffing and creating relevant blog posts, we’ll boost your website traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

3. Full Website Analysis

Our Tampa SEO company experts will give your website a full analysis. This will help us better understand how your website is compared to competitors and which areas need to be improved. By analyzing your website as a whole instead of page-by-page, we can create a SEO strategy more effective and personalized for your business.

4. Link Building

One effective way to improve your traffic is by building links. As you establish reliable links across different sites, you’ll receive more referral traffic and you’re also showing search engines that your website is trustworthy and getting ‘votes’ from other websites.

5. Detailed Custom Reports

We’ll provide you with custom reports in order to show you just how our SEO implementation is helping your website visibility. All reports are custom and unique to your business, and what you see is accurate to your brand.

Why Choose Us As Your Tampa SEO Agency:

Not only are we the top-rated Tampa SEO agency, but we are known nation-wide for our no-nonsense SEO approach. We pick up where others fail because our approach is not based on blind guess-work, but on a precise approach that has put countless clients at the top of Google.

It may seem difficult to choose between SEO companies. In your search, you look for trustworthy companies that will work with you, not against you, and sometimes, it’s hard to see which companies will meet that standard. Some SEO companies are only there for the business. That’s not our approach at all. Here at Get The Clicks, our customers come first and we treat your business like our own.

Our team of Search Engine Optimization professionals wants to see your business succeed, no matter the industry you’re in. We work hard to see your business will flourish and use many tried and true methods to ensure that. Throughout the entire time our Tampa SEO agency team is working with you, we’re committed to your business, not just the job.

With custom analytics, strategies and reports, our team knows all the best ways to help your business succeed using the right Search Engine Optimization strategies. We are proud of our data-driven approach to optimize your website and tackle any problems that may arise. By using visible data and results, we steer your business towards success while monitoring and optimizing all your campaigns for the best results.

Unlike many other businesses, our Tampa SEO company is completely transparent while working with you. We provide honest and knowledgeable feedback and information so that you are kept up to date at all times. 

What You Can Expect:

  1. Work with a Tampa SEO company that is on your side.
  2. Talk to real people that want to see you succeed.
  3. Achieve a page 1 rank on Google for your initial set of keywords within 12 months or less.


Get The Clicks reverse-engineers what your most successful competitors are doing online. We then develop a checklist, duplicating their efforts +1. This creates a transparent and unique work reporting system that is accompanied by a personal Account Strategist.


It is designed for organizations that plan on growing 2 years, 3 years from now. SEO is not the best initial route for a start-up due to its long ramp-up period. While Search Engine Optimization will provide wonderful results, it can often take over a year to see a tangible ROI. Many business owners simply don’t want to invest in that much time and effort before reaping the fruits of their labor. We recommend SEO as a secondary marketing approach, after the initial advertising is producing quality results.

Benefits of SEO for Your Business

1. Increases Quality Traffic

Traffic that’s directed to your website through search results is one of the top ways to receive new customers. For a potential customer who has never heard of your business before, they’ll trust your brand a lot more when they see your website ranked at the top of search engines.

You also need to pay attention to the quality of your website’s traffic. With search engine optimization, you’ll not only see an increase in traffic, but more specifically, an increase in quality traffic. Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is reaching customers that are more likely to convert since they are already searching for specific keywords.

2. Takes Advantage of Inbound Marketing

Most digital marketing campaigns will focus out outbound advertising instead of inbound advertising. Sometimes, emails, ads, and cold calls can be sent out in vain. In reality, outbound advertising is more advertiser-focused and customers are less likely to convert when being hounded by your campaigns.

Inbound advertising like Search Engine Optimization takes a more customer-focused approach. SEO content that provides what your customer is looking for is effective at driving actual sales and conversions. You’re not hounding them with your ad campaigns and interrupting their social media browsing, for example. Instead, these customers are looking for you and you are providing them with the solution.

This way, you’ll receive higher quality leads without having to expend extra resources.

3. Cost-Effective

With Search Engine Optimization, you aren’t paying for ad space or every click your ad generates. SEO is considered a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. Once your website ranks, you just need some maintenance to keep it ranking well but you do not need to pay for every click that search engines send your way.

4. Improve Brand Awareness

As Search Engine Optimization can help your business rank higher in search results, you’ll be able to improve your brand awareness. A higher ranking will result in more visibility, and more visibility results in better brand awareness and more conversions down the road.

With Search Engine Optimization, your business will show up on the first page and this in itself creates more awareness as well as confidence in your brand. Most users admit to having more trust and confidence in businesses that are shown on the first page than businesses that show up on the fifth page, for example.

Your content will do all the work in ushering your website visitor through the buyer’s journey and helping to convert them.

5. More Views and More Clicks

In many cases, Search Engine Optimization will actually generate more clicks than PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. Even though PPC ads appear higher up, people are more than 70% likely to choose one of the top ranking organic results over sponsored ads. This could be because customers are more likely to choose something search engines specifically found for them rather than something that was paid for.

What Our Tampa SEO Company Will Do For You:

  • Our Tampa SEO agency will evaluate your competition and scan their website monthly to see what online marketing is being done.
  • Review your current website rankings & build high-quality links to your website to drive your search engine rankings higher.
  • Review traffic reports to improve website visitor conversions.
  • Review the structure of your website to assure it complies with latest Google updates (Google markup language, Schema, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc).
  • Determine where you are listed online, update and edit existing online directory listings (YP, Yelp, Yahoo, Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing etc).
  • Manage Google Website Webmaster Tools Account for website page errors, website resubmission & xml sitemap updates.
  • Update website code to assure website is found properly by the search engines (robots.txt file & sitemaps).
  • Perform browser tests mobile tests, Google penalty checks and website speed tests to assure website is running at optimum level (Andriod, Apple IOs, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • Update security settings of your website. If we don’t have direct hosting access to your website, we will provide your webmaster with updates to be done.
  • Assure website is mobile friendly.
  • Work with you to help you manage your reputation online by helping you build your online reviews & website reviews.
  • Brainstorm about continuously improving your website Call to Action and Point of Difference.
  • Seek new keywords for Buyer Intent & traffic generation.
  • Develop additional content (when necessary) to maintain & add search engine rankings and position your website as an expert resource in your industry.
  • Setup call tracking & lead conversion tracking
Complementing Services

If you’re interested in any of these services, just let us know. We can help you come up with a marketing budget for these services that will work for you or your business, and we will even manage it for you.

Does SEO Still Work?

Changing your digital marketing strategy or ad campaign can be daunting. If a particular method has been your go-to for such a long time, then it may be even more difficult to part with it. Before you do, you may be wondering if a Tampa SEO company is really worth it.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t challenging once you’ve really learned to understand it. Unfortunately, this can take more time than many business owners have.

Furthermore, it doesn’t help that search engines are constantly releasing updates, which means that SEO practices are ever changing. As a business owner, how much time would you have to keep updated and keep changing your SEO strategy?

You already understand why Search Engine Optimization is important. It’s an effective way to start ranking higher in Google search results and generate quality traffic. However, if you really want to make the most out of Search Engine Optimization, hiring a professional Tampa SEO company with all the right tools, expertise and SEO strategies will help.

The incorrect SEO strategy can actually cause your website to be penalized by search engines. This is one of the most important reasons for entrusting the work to a professional Tampa SEO company. Experts will know how to correctly use Search Engine Optimization tactics from years of experience and working with various businesses and industries.

In the end, if you really want SEO to boost your business and improve your website, it’s vital that you work with a trusted Tampa SEO company.

How Long Does it Take for SEO to Take Effect?

It’s understandable to want a definitive answer, but the truth is that there isn’t one. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are too many variables involved to tell just how long it will take. Since it’s likely your competitors are also using Search Engine Optimization, you have to account for this in assuming how long before your website starts to climb the ranks.

Fortunately, there are a few main factors that come into play that we can look at in order to come up with a rough estimate. Keep in mind it could be anywhere from four months to a year or longer, but here are the three main factors that will control that:

Content: You want content that is high-quality and efficient. Effective content can lessen the amount of time it takes. You’ll also want to publish new content often as Google tends to favor sites that have been updated more recently.

Link Building: Link building plays a huge part in driving traffic to your website. You’ll want to establish as many high-quality links as you can, but this can be difficult. Taking the time to weed out worthless links is also vital.

Competition: How your competition is using SEO will affect how long it takes for Search Engine Optimization to take effect for your website.

A Few Facts About Tampa FL

Tampa is a major city along the west coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, and is the largest city in the general Tampa Bay Area. According to the 2016 census, the estimated population for the area was 377,165, which is over 41,000 more than the previous 2010 census count of 335,709.

Tampa is home to over 160 parks and is known for its beautiful beaches which draw in numerous tourists to the area each year. Tampa is also known for its thriving art and entertainment industry. Tampa is home to a variety of performing arts and concert venues.

If you have the pleasure of taking a trip to the Tampa, FL area, be sure to take some time to check out the Florida Aquarium or if its football season, head over to Raymond James Stadium to see the city’s NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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