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If you are expecting another run-of-the-mill Tampa SEO Company that just takes your money every month while you have no idea what they are doing for you, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our close relationships with our clients are one of the strongest tools we have in helping them outrank their competitors online in the Tampa market.

Ongoing communication and brainstorming are essential to a successful marketing campaign.

A Simple Digital Marketing Approach

Our Tampa SEO approach is quite simple. We evaluate where you are currently ranking, then we figure out what your competitors are doing to out-rank you. We then build a marketing battle plan based on your competitors’ weaknesses and your strengths. Our battle plans have are made up of Tampa SEO Components that tell you exactly which core Tampa SEO elements we do and do not recommend for your situation. Those components may include things like adding content to the service pages, building niche relevant backlinks to your website, directory submissions, conversion optimization, etc.

Give Us 60 Days To Show Rank Improvement

Moving forward. We can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, but we can give you relatively accurate estimates of how long it will take us to accomplish a page one ranking. We work on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contracts. Initially, all we ask is that you give us 60 days to show you what we can do. Within those 60 days you’ll see an improvement in your rank. If you are willing to do that, you may just have found a company you’ll love working with. We’d certainly love to work with you.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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    Abdulaziz Khamdet
    Abdulaziz Khamdet
    16:12 11 May 20
    I contacted Get The Clicks after I saw them on WESH News advising small businesses with the Covid response. I liked what they had to say. So far everything is running well. Hopefully it will stay that way.
    Lisa Daub
    Lisa Daub
    13:32 08 May 20
    Our law firm has been behind the times with the internet. We wanted to make 2020 our year for Digital Marketing. Of course we had no idea the economy would fall apart. Right now we have toned back everything we are doing, but I had to write a review to let you know how amazing these people really are. When we had to reduce our budget, they worked with us to figure out what we should keep and what we could pause. Their guidance has been absolutely amazing. We work with David. He is kind and understanding. He takes the time to explain everything in detail, which makes us comfortable in our decisions. Really truly enjoy working with them.
    Nina Lombardi
    Nina Lombardi
    02:03 15 Jan 20
    We only wanted to try Google Ads for a couple of months. Our pool building business always does well in the beginning of the year when folks get their tax return checks. We got so many leads that we decided to keep going. This is the first agency we have worked with who will sit with us every month and review what they have done. Use them. They are good.
    Deana Smith
    Deana Smith
    00:06 13 Jan 20
    We needed a digital marketing company to help take our embroidery shop to the next level. We had recently rebuilt our website on Wix, which turned out to be a mistake. When we came to Get The Clicks, we honestly didn't know what to expect. Call me cynical, but I don't always believe all the reviews I read. Fortunately, once I had met their Orlando team, I felt very confident that I had found the right place. I don't understand the whole Google thing very much, but they really took the time to explain everything to me. Our business has certainly grown since we hired them in March. The only minor complaint I have is their parking situation at their office. They are in one of those high-rise buildings where you have to navigate the parking garage and pay for parking. I wish they would validate. That's my only complaint, but we are definitely staying with them.
    Daniel Holliday
    Daniel Holliday
    18:26 10 Dec 19
    We own a paint contracting company. When we started with Get The Clicks, we had one crew. Now we have five. Love this company!
    Erin Webb
    Erin Webb
    14:48 04 Dec 19
    Not Happy. We really wanted to work with this company. I'm the office manager at a new doctors office in Dr. Phillips. When I contacted them, they explained that SEO would not work for us because Google wouldn't rank our business. They said they would be happy to run adds for us though. That makes NO sense. Guess we are going to take our business elsewhere.
    Diana Moore
    Diana Moore
    01:20 01 Dec 19
    We were looking for ONE digital marketing agency to handle all our needs. We needed SEO, Google ads, and social. Get the clicks put together a great all-around package for us. I couldn't be more satisfied. Great company.
    Jenna Nicole
    Jenna Nicole
    15:06 20 Jul 19
    This is an incredible group of talented people. They are extremely easy to work with and take pride in capturing your company’s vision. We made some big changes during the process and they couldn’t have been more accommodating. The team at Get the Clicks did a fantastic job getting my website search engine optimized in order to stay competitive in today’s market. Thank you so much for everything you did, and I highly recommend this company for any kind of search engine related solutions.
    Heather Hargrove
    Heather Hargrove
    23:23 02 May 19
    Such a great group of people to work with. Their website audit was what drew me in , but their attention to detail and having the ability to work with one of the Account Strategists has kept us there. Get the Clicks is exactly what we needed.
    Natalie Villafane
    Natalie Villafane
    20:24 02 May 19
    This is an awesome business to partner with. They were able to not only fully develop my website, but helped me with so much SEO and PPC advertising driving so much traffic to my business. Would 100% recommend!!
    Madisen Cope
    Madisen Cope
    17:27 19 Apr 19
    Get the Clicks is a fantastic SEO company. They are responsive, friendly, and truly care about their clients. Their team finds innovative ways to truly push results. I highly recommend their services.
    Sherri Moses
    Sherri Moses
    14:42 14 Feb 19
    We recently had our website audited by Get The Clicks and we're surprised to find all of the issues it exposed. They did an excellent job detailing everything out, and came up with an action plan to fix everything!!!!!!!!!! Would recommend their services to everyone ...
    Dave Diaz
    Dave Diaz
    17:41 30 Nov 18
    Get The Clicks is awesome. We are a marketing company ourselves and we hired these guys to help us and our clients with SEO and Paid Search. I can not even begin to tell you the difference that we've seen after just a few weeks. These guys seriously rock and I would recommend them to anyone looking for better results on their webpage leads.
    Kristi Garcia-Jones
    Kristi Garcia-Jones
    00:11 30 Jul 18
    As the business owner of a water damage company in Los Angeles, marketing has been the greatest challenge. AND TOO EXPENSIVE TO NOT GET RIGHT!!! I have had several marketing experiences with VERY pricey competitors that almost had us giving up. Get the Clicks was the last house on the block for us, and I am sure happy we had enough faith left, to once again invest in our dreams. Get the Clicks has followed through on all of their is is awesome, and our employees are very busy. Thank you Get the Clicks for being on our team!!!
    Alex Olmo
    Alex Olmo
    11:20 27 Jun 18
    Great company!! Amazing service and staff! Jennifer & Matthew are the best. I have tried numerous "marketing" companies but Get the clicks actually produces new clients for my appraisal company!
    Craig Thompson
    Craig Thompson
    23:05 25 Jul 17
    We needed more than just web marketing. We needed a complete PR solution. After meeting with multiple marketing agencies in Orlando and Tampa, we actually decided to move forward with an agency in Tampa because their price was lower. Unfortunately that didn't work out to well. We ended up switching to Get The Clicks. Today our Pay per Click campaign is delivering fantastic results. Additionally their PR team actually got us featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, something we honestly never thought could happen. I can't say enough good things about their team. They have been instrumental in getting us new business.
    Andrew Hiotis
    Andrew Hiotis
    22:38 25 Jul 17
    Great customer service and results! Can't say enough about Stephan and the crew, helped me reach all my goals and then some with my web presence!
    Eddie Garrison
    Eddie Garrison
    16:22 16 Jan 17
    I have been working with Get The Clicks for about a year now and I cannot say enough about Stephan, Matt and the entire Get the Clicks Team. Right off the bat in our first meeting I felt welcomed in like family. The genuinely care about you, your business and your needs. I look forward to continuing our relationship!
    Louis Carey
    Louis Carey
    16:19 22 Nov 16
    This company goes above and beyond what I expected of them! I came in contact with Stephan when I was in my final semester of my business degree. I had a project that required me to estimate the cost of starting a business, which included internet advertising. Even though they knew it was just for a project, they went above and beyond to help me get a proper estimate on the cost and what they offer. After I graduated I started using Get the Clicks and it has helped substantially! 10 out of 10 would recommend for anyone needing this type of service!
    Nicole C.
    Nicole C.
    20:53 17 Sep 16
    World-class team! The team at Get The Clicks works hard to ensure their customers are completely satisfied. They go the extra mile to see what is that you need and construct a tailor made plan for your business to succeed. Not only that, they keep you updated throughout the process. This team has great strategies and are the best at what they do. I'd definitely recommend Get The Clicks!
    Christina MacAuley
    Christina MacAuley
    03:38 08 Sep 16
    If you're searching for a reliable company filled with a knowledgable and passionate staff, then you've come to the right place. Stephan and his team connect with their customers on a personal level. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, but the environment is filled with fun and enthusiasm. Their client-centered business model consistently produces fantastic results. Absolutely any business would experience exponential growth with their help. I'd recommend them to anyone!
    Katherine Woss
    Katherine Woss
    16:57 10 Mar 16
    Get the Clicks is an awesome company to hire. They have a great team that worked with my needs and made sure my interests were put first. They produce results and my website they created is better than anything I would have come up with on my own! You won't regret their service.
    Shane Emery
    Shane Emery
    17:51 26 Sep 14
    We've been working with these guys for over three years. The only reason I'm not giving full 5 stars is because I simply never do that. Perfect service doesn't exist, but these guys come extremely close to it. They told us they'd put us at the top of the search engine, and they most certainly did. Everyone is responsive and takes the time to explain everything in detail,.....which I Keep up the great work.
    Jason Lopez
    Jason Lopez
    18:26 12 Aug 13
    These guys know their stuff. I was able to sit down with them to discuss my needs and where I wanted to be able to take my business. They took in my ideas, made suggestions, and together we put a plan in place that has proven to be very successful. My phone has been ringing more often and the increased leads have turned into profitable sales. I have been extremely pleased with the growth and with their professionalism. They answer my questions quickly and effectively and treat me with respect. They have also been a great resource for me to tap into for other aspects of my business. Their recommendations have been right on target.
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The brutal truth about Tampa SEO. This probably should not even be on a sales flyer……….

Tampa SEO is the long-term play. Tampa SEO is also a combination play. The long road to a top organic ranking is fraught with setbacks along the way. Google assures it is a hard way to market yourself. Even though people think Google is a free search engine with some paid space, it is really a paid search engine with some free space, and over the years the free space has become more sparse. Today, it covers less than 55% of the average search results page and the trend is showing that over the next few years it will become less and less. Why? Simple! Google doesn’t make any money from organic listings. Thus Google is getting more and more picky who the reputable businesses are to showcase on its “free” organic listings.

Additionally, we would like to point out that many people believe Tampa SEO is a cheap way to market yourself. While the long-term lead acquisition cost is certainly low, the short term acquisition cost is extremely high, much higher than Paid Search. This is due to the extensive ramp-up period. With Tampa SEO your opportunity cost starts very high and decreases over time. Once a high-ranking position is achieved, this position then needs to be defended to assure no other competitor is going to take it from you. You took the position from someone else and that business will most likely not stand by idle allowing you to take their leads. Thus Tampa SEO is an on-going battle of who will be in Google’s best graces.

Seo Services

Who Is This Best Suited For:

It is designed for those organizations who plan on growing 2 years, 3 years from now. SEO is not the best initial route for a start-up due to its long ramp-up period. While SEO will provide wonderful results, it can often take over a year to see a tangible ROI. Many business owners simply don’t want to invest in that much time and effort before reaping the fruits of their labor. We recommend SEO as a secondary marketing approach, after the initial advertising is producing quality results.

Why Choose Us:

Not only are we the top-rated SEO agency in Tampa, FL, but we are known nation-wide for our no-nonsense Tampa SEO approach. We pick up where others fail because our approach is not based on blind guess-work, but on a precise approach that has put countless clients at the top of Google.

What You Can Expect:


  1. Work with a company that is on your side. Talk to real people that want to see you succeed.
  2. Achieve a page 1 rank on Google for your initial set of keywords within 12 months or less.
Web Traffic


Get The Clicks reverse-engineers what your most successful competitors are doing online. We then develop a checklist, duplicating their efforts +1. This creates a transparent and unique work reporting system that is accompanied by a personal Account Strategist.

What We Will Do For You:

  • Evaluate your competition and scan their website monthly to see what online marketing is being done.
  • Review your current website rankings & build high-quality links to your website to drive your search engine rankings higher.
  • Review traffic reports to improve website visitor conversions.
  • Review the structure of your website to assure it complies with latest Google updates (Google markup language, Schema, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc).
  • Determine where you are listed online, update and edit existing online directory listings (YP, Yelp, Yahoo, Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing etc).
  • Manage Google Website Webmaster Tools Account for website page errors, website resubmission & xml sitemap updates.
  • Update website code to assure website is found properly by the search engines (robots.txt file & sitemaps).
  • Perform browser tests mobile tests, Google penalty checks and website speed tests to assure website is running at optimum level (Andriod, Apple IOs, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • Update security settings of your website. If we don’t have direct hosting access to your website, we will provide your webmaster with updates to be done.
  • Assure website is mobile friendly.
  • Work with you to help you manage your reputation online by helping you build your online reviews & website reviews.
  • Brainstorm about continuously improving your website Call to Action and Point of Difference.
  • Seek new keywords for Buyer Intent & traffic generation.
  • Develop additional content (when necessary) to maintain & add search engine rankings and position your website as an expert resource in your industry.
  • Setup call tracking & lead conversion tracking

Like what you see?

Complementing Services

If you’re interested in any of these services, just let us know. We can help you come up with a marketing budget for these services that will work for you or your business, and we will even manage it for you.

Our Valued Clients Include:


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A Few Facts About Tampa FL

Tampa is a major city along the west coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, and is the largest city in the general Tampa Bay Area. According to the 2016 census, the estimated population for the area was 377,165, which is over 41,000 more than the previous 2010 census count of 335,709.

Tampa is home to over 160 parks and is known for its beautiful beaches which draw in numerous tourists to the area each year. Tampa is also known for its thriving art and entertainment industry. Tampa is home to a variety of performing arts and concert venues.

If you have the pleasure of taking a trip to the Tampa, FL area, be sure to take some time to check out the Florida Aquarium or if its football season, head over to Raymond James Stadium to see the city’s NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Our Service Areas

Now For Some Content To Please the SEO Gods…. 😉


Work With a Tampa SEO Professional today. Remember in situation you are running an on the internet service or a website where you will like to connect some message a web site that is well developed by adhering to search engine optimization guidelines will be the very best for your web site. In most cases online search engine such as Google will end up penalizing to those that will certainly stop working to adhere to the guidelines. Charges can affect negatively on the overall performance of your site for this reason you must try and also ensure all is well when developing your site. Several of the concerns that you need to examine are to try as well as employ specialists that are very qualified to supply you the services. For you to access the best professionals you require to take your time and visit several of them in Tampa to make sure that you will be able to pick the most effective. Even if you are as well active in your day-to-day regimen you can still access the best experts while performing your comparison online. When accomplishing your comparison online you ought to try as well as compare as lots of companies as feasible to ensure that you will certainly pick the best. Performing your comparison online is extremely simple therefore you must choose it over various other forms of comparison. The complying with are benefits that you will enjoy after you choose to deal with the very best Tampa SEO company:

Work With a Tampa Search Engine Optimization Expert today. Remember in an instance you are running an on-line company or a site where you will see such as to communicate some message a web site that is well developed by complying with search engine optimization guidelines will be the very best for your web site. In most cases, internet search engine such as Google will wind up penalizing to those who will certainly fail to adhere to the rules. Charges can influence adversely on the overall efficiency of your internet site therefore you must try and ensure all is well when designing your web site. Several of the problems that you require to examine is to attempt as well as employ professionals that are highly certified to offer you the services. For you to access the most effective specialists you need to take your time as well as see numerous of them in Tampa to ensure that you will certainly be able to choose the very best. Also if you are also hectic in your daily regimen, you can still access the most effective specialists while accomplishing your comparison online. When executing your comparison, online you should try as well as contrast as lots of firms as possible to make sure that you will certainly pick the very best. Carrying out your contrast online is extremely easy therefore you need to prefer it over other forms of comparison. The following are advantages that you will appreciate after you make a decision to work with the very best Tampa Search Engine Optimization firm:

The most effective company will provide you with the most effective Tampa Search Engine Optimization services
For you to appreciate the most effective solutions you require to search for a company that has sufficient professionals who will have the ability to use you the very best solutions. Keep in mind seo solutions are really important in the design of any website because it is via seo where your site will acquire great access online. The primary aim of creating a site is to attempt and access online as well as after you accomplish enough seo. You will have the ability to land on the most effective position in Google rating that will certainly allow your website to attain extra. As a local in Tampa, it is your responsibility to guarantee you access all the feasible opportunities on the internet by making your internet site rank up in the Google positions. After an internet site is rating well, it will constantly access even more audience that will transform into plenty of clients which is healthy and balanced for any service.

Tampa Search Engine Optimization solutions will allow you to access much more clients online in the situation you are running an e-commerce website
In situation you use your website to run an online business it will certainly be to your benefit after you decide to employ professionals for SEO services. From stats, it has been recognized that lots of people who look for websites that provide services or products online will certainly tend to concentrate in accessing services from sites that show up in the initial web page. After you take your time and accomplish the necessary search engine optimization services, you will wind up obtaining your website constantly in the very first web page of Google positions. This will certainly make you accessibility extra target market for the services or products that you are offering online. In some cases, the audience will certainly turn directly right into your consumers, or they might end up referring others. This will certainly make you accomplish extra sales that are really necessary for any business.

Tampa SEO will allow you to avoid SEO penalties quickly
There are some penalties that internet search engine can impose on websites that fall short to follow policies embedded in location. After you take vibrant actions and also look for professionals that will certainly use, your search engine optimization services in Tampa you will certainly end up avoiding all the fines that can affect the general performance of your website. Charges are high-risk where they can end up making you fail to show up online hence making your prospective customers go with various other websites that supply services comparable to yours. They may never ever return once more in a situation they access the exact same services from your rivals hence making your site sustain great losses. To prevent the penalties permanently, you require to work with specialists who will certainly supply you quality Tampa Search Engine Optimization solutions.


Our Tampa Digital Marketing Services

Get The Clicks offers a unique and refreshing approach to digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. Tampa is our latest satellite office to open but we’re really excited to be serving this market. We are located in the heart of downtown, close to The University of Tampa, the Convention Center and the Riverwalk.

Our passion for digital marketing is fueled by the online success of our clients. We assist companies with digital services including:

The way we take on every new project is to first, listen to the needs of the client. Then we evaluate the competition in the market and reverse-engineer what the competition is doing to be successful. We then create a digital marketing battle plan, unique to each business, based on that evaluation.

If you are tired of digital marketing agencies that don’t produce results or don’t provide straight answers to your questions, give us a call. Have a conversation with any member of our team and you’ll see just how passionate we are about what we do. We won’t pressure you into signing up with us and we won’t ask you to sign any contracts. We want to work with businesses that want to work with us.