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How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business Grow

When a typical homeowner needs roofer services, they head straight to their computer for an online search. Suddenly barraged by dozens of different options, the homeowner will most likely choose roofing companies to call based on a page 1 Google ranking. As a valuable business, you need to differentiate yourself from the rest and show you are the best choice for the homeowner. It is challenging to compete with other roofing contractors who have been around longer and offer competitive pricing.

At Get The Clicks, we know that SEO and a customized internet marketing strategy will put your roofing company at the top of Google in your local market. Our team works diligently to create solutions for you and your business.

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Once you start working with us, you’ll never look back. Results will not happen overnight, but we hit the ground running on day 1. Once we establish a battle plan for your business, we will be able to calculate approximately how long it will take to accomplish a page one ranking. We work on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts. We guarantee you will see an improvement in your ranking within 60 days. Your roofing business will have increased visibility, producing more website traffic and new leads.

Once your high-ranking position is achieved, it then needs to be maintained and defended against competitors hungry to take away your leads. You took the position from another roofing business, and that business will not sit idly by as you take their leads. SEO is a constant battle of who will be Google’s front runner.

Is your roofing business currently struggling to find new leads?

Is it challenging to keep up with the online marketing campaigns of your competitors?

  • Our staff works tirelessly to earn your trust and prove we are not just another run-of-the-mill SEO company.
  • Owner, Stephan Boehringer, creates a unique relationship with each of his clients based around open lines of communication and expert advice
  • Get The Clicks has been skillfully integrating our customized SEO tactics for roofing websites since 2009.
  • We tailor our marketing tools around your specific needs, using our proprietary SEO marketing system called CLICKS.
  • We outrank our competitors and are known nation-wide for the efficacy of our online marketing strategies.
  • Get The Clicks is a top-rated SEO agency and offers CE credits for marketing courses designed for contractors.
  • We have a long-standing relationship with the FRSA.
  • We have a simple, transparent approach that starts with a $300 flat monthly management fee.
  • Everything is Month-to-Month. No long term contracts.

Our SEO service takes a simple and organic approach to helping our clients. We evaluate where you are currently ranking, and establish what your competitors are doing to outrank you. We will create a customized battle plan based on your competitor’s weakness and your company’s strengths.

We know the market for roofing repair businesses is competitive and quickly growing. Your business needs to differentiate from the rest in a series of online marketing tactics. Our team creates and implements the best strategies to set you apart from the rest. Your company deserves a marketing advantage, and an SEO team that will nurture your business.

Have you worked with other online marketing agencies in the past who have failed to benefit your business?

We pick up where others gave up because our approach is not based on blind guess-work, but rather a precise and methodical approach that has put numerous clients at the top of Google. When you work with Get The Clicks, you can expect to increase your website traffic and leads year after year. You will organically achieve a page 1 rank on Google for your selected set of keywords within 12 months. We understand the marketing shortfalls of other companies in the increasingly competitive roofing industry. Our team knows the best tactics to propel your business in online rankings and create new leads. Our proven strategies increase website traffic and directly influence your revenue.

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