The Home Health Care Industry


While home health care is an incredibly hands-on industry with a strong emphasis on personal relationships, your marketing efforts online are simply too important to ignore. Thankfully, you can transfer the passion and energy you employ day-to-day onto your website, granted you have the right tools on deck to make it happen.

Oftentimes, home health care marketing is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to taking your company to the next level. Whether you have any questions about what’s missing with your current marketing efforts or require a total marketing makeover, feel free to contact us.

Your Website

Especially in the world of home health care, first impressions matter. Just as proper presentation and care can ease the mind of a patient, your website should strive to make your visitors feel right at home. Considering that home health care patients can vary from infants to the elderly, you need to ensure that your site appeals to a wide variety of visitors.

Although it may be natural for home health care sites to emphasize desktops users over mobile devices, you can’t afford to leave your mobile users out in the cold. Likewise, you should have crystal clear calls-to-action throughout your site to make sure that nobody misses your contact page or critical information.

In short, your site’s design should be straightforward and easy to navigate for all visitors.


Home Health Care Digital Marketing

Home health care marketing should emphasize a combination of the following in terms of your website and its content:regular

  • Visual content that puts your business’ personality on display (such as photos of your team or videos of your work in action)
  • Written content in the form of articles and blog posts that educate your audience and helps your website compete for industry keywords (for example, “Winter Park home health care”)
  • Simplicity in terms of CTAs and contact information: there should be as few barriers as possible between you and your potential business, so don’t over-

Over time, a well-marketed site will generate leads to ensure that new patients come to you versus constantly having to scramble for them. Since your website represents the hub of your business online, you’ll likely be spending most of your marketing efforts on-site rather than on via social media. Regardless, you may still consider investing in a social presence via popular platforms such as Facebook as to not let any potential business slip through your fingers.

Google Traffic Analysis:

Understanding your on-site analytics can be the difference between bounced traffic and new business. For example, you may discover that your site is driving plenty of visitors but nobody’s clicking your links. On the flip side, you may find that your site has an immaculate design but relatively thin content or weak CTAs. By making data-driven decisions on-site, you have a much better chance of ranking in search engines and getting discovered organically.


Today’s customers want to dedicate themselves to personable brands versus faceless businesses. You should strive to give your brand some personality, whether you emphasize humor or professionalism, as means of setting yourself apart from the crowd. Additionally, we’ll submit your site properly to a number of business directories and local listings to grow your online presence and leave no stone unturned in terms of new business.

Local Search:

As a home health care provider, you represent a business that truly serves its local community. Your potential clients obviously need you to be close by to guarantee speedy service; however, how do you make sure that locals find you versus a competitor? We can help beef up your local search presence to ensure that those nearby can quickly spot you on Google Maps, for starters.

Keyword Research:

Modern sites don’t rank in search engines by accident: if your site isn’t taking care to uncover keywords that you can realistically rank for and dominate, you’re leaving money on the table. Additionally, you may operate within a particular niche (such as elderly home care) which can help you target intent-driven, local traffic. The following are some of the most commonly searched keywords in the home health care industry:

Reputation Management

Word of mouth travels quickly, especially in today’s digital era. Between online ratings and reviews and comments via social media, it’s easy to figure out whether or not customers are satisfied with your services. For better or worse, that information is out there for everyone to see. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid needless negative feedback such as providing stellar customer service and offering incentives for clients to write reviews (think: gift cards and future discounts). By handling your reputation today, you can avoid potential customer snafus down the road.