Meet The Team

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Jen Wheeler
Account Manager

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Julie Adams
Production Manager

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Stephan Boehringer
Owner &
SEO Guru

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Matt Fenoff
Account Manager

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Melanie Boehringer
Billing & Human Resources

Our Story

Always an entrepreneur, Stephan Boehringer was not content being your every day regular employee. He spent time working for a well-established company, but decided that his time was better spent working on his own ventures. In 2007, having had the background of working with three different marketing agencies at his former position, he decided that creating a company that encompassed their combined ideas would be the best way to create a standing business. He was aware of the challenges he had to face, and Google hasn’t always made it easy, but his passion for helping his clients kept him moving forward. One of the critical things he’s realized through his experience in the industry is that websites aren’t marketing tools; for most companies they are sales tools. At Get The Clicks we like to work with our clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Jennifer Wheeler joined Get The Clicks in the early stages. She received her marketing degree from the University of South Florida, and her foot in the door with GTC came shortly thereafter. She eagerly worked her way to the top and has now been with us for four years. She is an excellent account manager who understands how our clients can get the best results out of our services.

Julie Adams, a long-trusted family friend, joined the team in 2012. Stephan, seeing the potential and hard work ethic, and knowing her incredible personality and entrepreneurial spirit, brought her on board. Julie is now our SEO guru and Production Manager; she is the workhorse that drives your business behind the scenes.

Matt Fenoff graduated from the University of Central Florida with a creative writing degree and joined GTC in 2014. Having worked with two SEO companies prior to working with us, he came with a substantial knowledge that he uses to this day at Get The Clicks. Matt is straightforward and well balanced, making him a valuable asset as an account manager. He keeps the connections we have with our clients, making sure that they are taken well care of and are in the best hands.

Melanie Boehringer, Stephan’s sister, attended Florida Atlantic University where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree. After graduating, she primarily worked in managerial positions in which she realized she had a particular interest in start-up companies and helping them grow. Her experience with a variety of work situations has given her a great knowledge in prioritizing, planning, and anticipating individual’s needs. Not only is she a great Account Manager for Get The Clicks, but she handles billing and Human Resources as well.