Healthcare Marketing Agency

Websites Are Sales Tools, Not Marketing Tools.

If you care more about leads you have come to the right place. Our area is full of top notch designers that will build you an amazing custom website, but most businesses just don’t need all that. We don’t charge exorbitant development fees or sell you anything you don’t need. We build functional WordPress websites designed for targeted advertising to achieve your business goals. Our websites are designed to be simple, professional, clean and precise. We like them lean and mean, driving leads and brand recognition.

In today’s world, digital marketing is a necessity for every business and corporation, even in healthcare. It’s the best way to attract customers and receive more business, even for medical professionals and healthcare companies. One of the best ways to help your practice thrive is through marketing, which can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Let us help you get the most out of your marketing budget and watch as your patient roster grows.

From cultivating new patients to engaging your community on social media, we offer full medical marketing services. Our full-service agency will help your business connect directly with potential patients, help you plan advertising campaigns, and bring your practice, new customers, by designing an eye-catching website.

How We Can Help You

Let us help your healthcare practice leverage the power of the internet and digital marketing to bring you new business. By implementing a well-rounded marketing strategy that covers various healthcare marketing aspects, we make sure that your practice becomes more visible to your community. New patients will find it much easier to discover your practice and find out more about your services.

As a healthcare practice, we know your focus is on your patients. Yet it is a fact that your practice is a business and needs to survive and thrive. Let us help you focus on marketing and propelling your healthcare business to the next level and bring in new patients, so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

Our Services

As a healthcare marketing agency, we offer healthcare professionals a variety of services. Our expert team has many years of experience in this specialized area and we work hard to give your practice the best service it can get. From inbound marketing to advertising, our team has you covered.

Healthcare Website Development

A website is like the digital storefront of your practice. It is vital to have a website that is highly visible on all search engines. Poorly designed websites won’t perform high enough on the charts to get you the business you deserve.

With well-planned designs that will connect with your audience, our team will help bring your visions to reality and create a website that truly represents your practice.

Local SEO Services

Most people look for medical services in their area which means you’ll want to rank high on search engines and directories. Our team will make sure you’re listed and receiving positive feedback on local review sites and directories. We ensure your practice is easily visible on review sites like ZocDoc and Healthgrades, as well as Yelp and Google Maps by using optimal keywords and proven SEO tactics.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Because patients turn to search engines to help solve medical problems, pay per click (PPC) ads can bring new traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter if they’re looking for a surgeon, trying to book an appointment, or simply researching their condition, your ad will appear in the top results.

Allow our experts to manage your advertising and marketing campaigns including pay per click advertisements. We will thoroughly research, launch, and manage your PPC marketing campaigns so you’ll see maximum ROI.

Social Media Marketing

It’s no surprise that almost everyone these days has a social media account. By creating an account for your practice on multiple platforms, you’ll gain a competitive advantage and find you can reach your customers easier.

Let us help your practice establish and maintain various social media accounts on major platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Don’t sacrifice your healthcare service and let us manage the marketing while you continue to give quality care to your patients.

Our Processes

Our medical marketing agency has a 3 step process to determine your goals and achieve them effectively.

Step 1: Analysis

Having a recognizable identity is necessary for customers to remember who you are, what makes you different from other existing medical services, and why they should choose you.

Our goal is to determine how we will market your brand and make you stand out from traditional healthcare service providers by identifying your competitors, understanding how you segment your customer base and formulate your key message to position yourself in the industry.

To do so we will…

  • Analyze your marketing plan: we will start from basics and take an overall look at your current marketing plan
  • Improve your current communication strategies: we will analyze your current strategies and identify where it can be improved, changed, or furthered
  • Explore your competitors’ communication tactics: we will understand how your competitors communicate with their customers and strategize how to make yours different.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research: we will consult online surveys, focus groups and a series of articles and statistics to determine the best way to promote your service

Step 2: Action

The second step consists of putting our strategies into action including:

  • Tailoring your brand to each target audience: we will define your key messaging tactics to target different audiences and keep your clientele growing. This involves using multiple platforms to diversify your growth and extend your reach.
  • Positioning your brand: we will create a powerful branding concept that will tie in all your communication platforms and strategies and make you immediately recognizable.
  • Identifying the how and the why of your branding strategy: we will convey a plan that includes the description, the targets, the return to investment, and the costs of your branding strategy.

Before moving on to the last step, it’s essential to have an overall understanding of how the strategy will be executed, why it will be done that way, and whether it is cost-efficient.

Step 3: Measure

The final step consists of identifying the appropriate measure to ensure that your communication strategies are being effective.

Our metrics measure…

  • Interactivity: we will actively keep track of how much your patients engage with your web page, social media channels, and who takes action.
  • Exposure: we will analyze the reach of your marketing and who it’s being exposed to. This will allow us to help you identify additional potential opportunities.

In addition to our quantitative metrics, we work to understand how your brand is viewed by others, how relevant you are compared to competitors and the effectiveness of the overall strategy from an objective point of view.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Marketing Agency

We get it. Hiring an outside marketing agency can feel like a big step to take, especially if you don’t feel like you really need one. It’s important to stick to a budget and you may feel that hiring an agency might put you over that budget. However, from an ROI standpoint, it can also bring in new patients that you never could have found otherwise. Here are just a few benefits of hiring a healthcare marketing agency for your medical business:

Increased Visibility of Your Website

A professional marketing agency can change your current website or design a brand new website for your practices that shows up better in search results.

Professional Medical Marketing Insights

While you may know your healthcare practice the best, we know healthcare marketing the best. When you choose to work with a medical marketing agency, you choose to avoid common and uncommon marketing mistakes. As most agencies work with many businesses at a time, you can benefit from past errors without having to pay the costs of them.

Avoid Common Mistakes

It can be easy to think that managing a social media account for marketing purposes or writing your own SEO content is easy. Unfortunately, reading all the blog posts on SEO methods won’t ensure you don’t make mistakes. The guidelines are always changing and SEO mistakes can find you ranking even lower on search engines and costing you a fortune.

Even running a social media account can be difficult. You need a strategy for posting or you risk losing customers. It may seem straightforward with so many people using it, but healthcare marketing is a whole different world and can make or break your business. You can easily avoid these common mistakes in healthcare marketing by hiring a professional company.

How to Choose a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a marketing agency for healthcare companies. Check out these three tips and decide whether our agency will be the best fit for you.

Understand Healthcare Digital Strategy

A healthcare marketing agency is specialized in promoting medical services and supporting healthcare providers to extend their customer reach. Instead of relying on different marketing agencies who provide different services, search for an agency that covers all the ground you need to promote your practice and specializes in the medical field.

Our healthcare marketing team specializes in a variety of services ranging from social media to website engagement and put everything together under one solid strategy across multiple channels. The right medical marketer will know the medical terminology used in the healthcare industry, marketing trends, and healthcare innovations.

Marketing healthcare agencies can be challenging but we stay ahead of the game in order for clients to focus on their work and connect with their own customers.

Consistent Record

To ensure that you’re making the right choice, check the agency’s portfolio and its past customers to get an idea of the success of their advertising projects and the effectiveness of their marketing techniques.

We are transparent about our work and want to secure complete trust from our clients. We use the most up to date tools and constantly innovate our techniques to ensure the success of our customers.

Engage in a Long Term Partnership

A collaborative partnership involves working together and engaging in constant communication. You need to feel comfortable and trust the agency you choose because the partnership will be a long one.

Our agency seeks to maximize your marketing potential while taking into consideration your preferences first. We will provide support and solutions to your problems, and work together in the long term to ensure your targets are met.

Deliver Return on your Investment

Look for a healthcare marketing agency that’s able to communicate their marketing process, measure your targets, and explain your results as your investment is meant to increase your marketing performance. We make sure to provide those results and communicate your performance as we put the strategies into action.

Why Choose Us?

We know how frustrating it can be to watch your marketing budget go down the drain. Our team takes care to make the most of your money and provide you with quality service and results. We don’t just give you advice and basic campaign strategies, we truly want to help your practice flourish and grow without breaking the bank.