Google Ads Campaign Management

Fast Leads with Google Ads

A business lives and dies based on the leads it receives daily. We understand this. As the only agency in Orlando who has been certified for all Google search services, we assure our clients receive the highest amount of leads possible.

Why Choose Us:

Many people make the mistake of running Ads on their own. The average Ads campaign run by a person who did not go through the Ads training program wastes approximately 13.4% of the budget due to inefficiencies. For example, did you know that running a Campaign just for you brand increases your overall quality score for the entire account, and thus costs you less per click?

There is a reason you go see a CPA, or a lawyer to handle complex business issues – they are experts in the field. Ads is no different. With a feature set of over 60 campaign variables, it is important to understand which Ads components work best for a particular business. Whether an ad group is uniquely targeted to a set of featured ads or whether a call extension tracks leads for a specific service, your Ads account needs to be optimized to perform at its absolute best.

That is why we only put our best people on the job. A qualified Ads professional in our organization needs to have gone through the Agency Adwords Training University and passed all tests with a grade of 95%+. He/she needs to have gone through our Agency Website Conversion training workshops, as well as all reverse-engineering workshops to be able to continuously manage your campaigns. Anyone working on an Ads account needs to have a minimum of 6 months of SEO experience before he/she is allowed to manage an Ads campaign. We require this to assure your manager has a keen understanding of how Google operates. Managers are encouraged to collaborate and share experiences. To get a new perspective, it is not uncommon to have multiple managers audit an Ads account of a fellow manager, with the goal of tweaking its performance to the max.

With our expertise, we will place your business in front of hundreds of searchers looking for your services right now. The beauty of working with us is our vast experience on how to set up Ads campaigns. Chances are, we have run a business similar to yours in Ads already, giving us a solid blueprint to start from. There is no guess-work trying to figure out what works best. There is no wasting your hard-earned money, figuring things out as we go. With our direct connections to the Google Ads Build Teams, we are able to create solid marketing campaigns that deliver. We are Ads experts with an SEO background.


  • Ads Budget $1500
  • Average Click Cost $15
  • Total Visitors: 100
  • Website Conversion 7%
  • New Leads 7
  • Average Customer Lifecycle 6 Purchases
  • Average Ticket $150 ea

Total Revenue Generated $6300

What Can You Expect:

Results vary widely based on the service industry, budget, and website conversion. Having said that, our average Ads campaign drives a traffic conversion rate of 3.2% and a lead conversion rate of 8.6%. This assumes that your website is designed to gather leads, not just provide information. The example on the right puts your investment into perspective.

We will report back to you on:
  • Overall Traffic
  • Lead Conversions
  • Website Conversions
  • Estimated Revenue Generated

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The Truth
About ADS

Who Is This Best Suited For:

Google Ads aren’t cheap. Many folks believe they can’t afford it. Others have been burned in the past with poorly run campaigns. While some businesses simply don’t benefit from it, others have seen wonderful increases in leads. Ads is best suited for:

  • A business with competitive prices.
  • A business willing to setup an aggressive promotion to drive initial leads.
  • A business with gross margins above 23%.
  • A business with a comprehensive approach to re-engage its customers.
What We Will Do For You:
  1. We begin by profiling your top competitors. We evaluate the length of their campaigns, the keywords they are going after and the types of ads they are running. We will also evaluate which ads have been running for the longest time.
  2. We will then develop a new quality campaign based on the information we gathered from your competitors.
  3. We will set up tracking forms and Ads tracking phone numbers (Tracking numbers paid separately).
  4. We will link the Ads account and the Call Tracking account to your Google Analytics account.
  5. We will create custom ads (and get them approved with Google) designed to sell your service.
  6. We will manage your budget, to have the most money available during the days that drive most leads.
  7. We will manage your budget to have the most money available during time of day that drives most leads.
  8. We will can target market your business to a specific geographic market.
  9. To increase the quality of your clicks, we will manage your keywords, assuring the correct words are setup for Exact Matches, Phrased Matches, Broad Matches and Negative Matches.
  10. We will build extensions to your ads that hone in on the psyche of the potential customer.
  11. We will monitor your campaign on a continued basis and constantly tweak it to make it smarter.
  12. We will tweak your website for up to two hours per month to fine-tune visitor engagement. This includes setting up conversion funnels for better lead acquisition.
Complementing Services

If you’re interested in any of these services, just let us know. We can help you come up with a marketing budget for these services that will work for you or your business, and we will even manage it for you.