Keyword Research

Keyword Research

How great are your keywords? Latent semantic indexing keywords, or LSI, is really just a dressed up name for synonyms or related keywords. It’s one of the Google ranking factors because to Google it looks much more natural to use variations of your keywords as opposed to repeating the same keyword over and over again. This CLICKS tool helps you find similar keywords being used by your top competitors.


Website Review

Whether you are a Noogle (new to google) or a seasoned pro, you’ll appreciate this awesome website review tool. Other companies charge you a hefty monthly fee to run these reports. We thought we’ll just do it for free. Our accounting department objected. We bought earplugs.

rank checker

Rank Finder

Are you tired of trying to dip, dive, duck and dodge your way to the top of Google? We thought it might be easier to just give you our handy GTC Rank Finder tool. Feel free to use it & share it. The ball is in your court.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly Test

Is your website mobile friendly? Don’t know? You should. 2015 is the first year in which some searches on mobile devices exceed desktop searches. Don’t be left out.

schema markup tool

Schema Markup Tool

Schema markup is to Google as braille is to the blind. Your website needs schema, it shows Google WHO, WHAT, and WHERE you are, in a language Google can easily decipher. Use our tool to see your website the way Google sees it.

seo report

Seo Report

Want a snapshot of your web presence? The Mini SEO Report give you a quick and dirty overview of your Content, Technical, Image and Links profiles. Its a great tool to run a quick triage report when you know its time to do something about your website.


Youtube Suggest

Youtube is a great tool to educate and build goodwill of your brand. If you aren’t camera shy, give it a whirl. You’ll be glad you did. With this tool, you can enter any keyword phrase and see which similar phrases make the most sense to go after. You’ll then take those phrases and use them as Titles in your videos. Genius – we know.

page speed

Page Speed Tool

If your website is slow, so is your business! Not only do faster websites convert better, but they rank better! Check to see how fast or slow your website is, and see what items can be fixed to improve speed.


Bing Suggest

So Google locks down its keyword research tools in an effort to curtail quality keyword research. That’s nice. We have an answer to that problem. Go to Bing. People’s search habits are the same, whether on Bing or Google. Thus our Bing research tool provides you all the great info you’ll need to come up with new keyword ideas Have fun.