The rise of portable device dependency has grown tremendously in the past year. All the information we could ever need is accessible at our fingertips. We have become dependent on our own devices and would certainly feel lost without being able to Google anything you needed to know or text message a person your needed to speak with. Technology has made it possible to do just about anything from anywhere using a portable device.

It is becoming a regular occurrence for people to bring their own computer, or whatever they are comfortable using, to work. Yes, this cuts back on the amount of spending a company has to shell out in supplying that person with the equipment they need to do their job but it also leaves sensitive information vulnerable to end up in the hands of the wrong person.

Although there has been a drastic increase in the use of mobile devices, only 16% of companies report putting into a place a “Bring Your Own Device” program. Putting that kind of trust in the hands of your employees can be very dangerous for your business. When someone can not only bring in their own device but be able to leave with the data they have collected at the end of the day it creates an open environment for theft. If a device is stolen from a company they are much more likely to know about it than if something happens to a personal device of an employee. Even if the device itself isn’t stolen, the data that it contains can be compromised if the network you are using is not secure.

Having your work technology and your personal technology integrated can also cause problems with being able to separate the two. It can effect a person in both ways of spending time with personal activities online when you’re at work and not knowing when to disconnect when you’re not at work. It’s the same problem that comes from working at home. The two sections of your life can become intertwined.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is what will happen to the information a person carries on their personal device if they leave the company or get fired. If the person gets fired and still has access to company files they could use the information they have in a malicious way. This person should have signed a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of their employment with the company but it is very important to make sure that nothing that belongs to the company is in an outsider’s possession.

If your employees are bringing their own devices to work and are leaving with them at the end of the day, a BYOD policy should be put in place so you can protect your company.

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