There’s a lot that goes in to digital marketing. It’s not just about making a website, but considering SEO, analytics, social media, and other pieces of digital marketing strategy too. There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there and you’re probably browsing through a bunch of digital marketing proposals. In this guide, we’ll help you understand what exactly a digital marketing proposal includes.

What is a Digital Marketing Proposal?

At its core, a digital marketing proposal is more or less like the resume. Potential clients take a look at it before they make their hiring decision of which agency to go with. These proposals provide clients with reasons to choose one company over another, including logistical information about what type of services they offer, along with details about cost, duration, and essentials.

After listing out more details about the services, the proposal will detail how they will be beneficial for you—in other words, this is where the sales pitch comes in.

What Should Be Included?

As a potential client, you’d want to know certain information like the agency’s short and long term goals for your business. A good proposal is all about helping you as the potential client understand the agency to see if their goals match yours.

That’s why you’ll want to understand the strategies they’ll be using to achieve your goals, including the channels they will use, their action and development plans, their timing, and their digital marketing pricing packages. Make sure the proposal documents what they will do and how they will do it.

Getting Started

The whole point of a good digital marketing proposal is to frame the agency’s services in a way that provides a solution to every problem that you might run into. The first thing any agency should do is to carry out an internal and external analysis of your firm. That’s a SWOT analysis, which will help the agency look at the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your company. By doing this, they will know more about where to begin and how to reach your clients.

From here, the proposal should focus on digital marketing goals. It should cover what the agency can do for you and define what they need to do in order to reach those goals. The agency should be clear about their values and highlight what makes them unique compared to other digital marketing companies.


Here’s a good summary of the different pieces of the proposals you’ll probably come across. 

  • They often start with the services. Agencies often tailor their list of services to fit their target client. They’d list out what they can do in terms of your website and marketing.
  • Detail solutions. The proposal will usually detail some problems that the agency will be able to resolve.
  • Go over the cost per service. The agency needs to let potential clients know how much they will be spending to get these kinds of digital solutions.

For bigger projects, agencies often add to this very basic template by including more specific goals. Some can even start with a project challenge that details how they will help your business. From here, they should still detail their services and go through their strategies to achieve your goals.

Just make sure that they also include a proposed schedule so that you know how they work. Most proposals shouldn’t shy away from including some information about their agency either. Some agencies may even  include some case studies to show how they’ve helped other customers. 


Looking through digital marketing proposals to decide on who to hire doesn’t have to be too confusing. At the crux of it, the proposal’s main aim is to let you know what they’re able to do and how they can help you. This is what a good digital marketing proposal is all about. With a good proposal, you should be able to understand what you’re signing up for and you’ll be able to do so with confidence.

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