In the world of digital marketing, things change very quickly. Unfortunately, most digital marketing experts don’t have the luxury of taking several hours each day to get updated. Enter marketing websites. These aren’t like your typical blogs, nor are they an unfair advantage. Think of it as properly using your resources and the limited time you have.

Here is a compilation of the marketing websites that top digital marketing experts read!

What Marketing Websites Do Top Digital Marketing Experts Read?


Whether or not it’s your style, you have to admit, the folks at Entrepreneur know what they’re doing. Known worldwide as a source of news and information for businesses, start ups, and of course, entrepreneurs, they’re certainly focused on business and marketing.

You won’t find information like you do on your local news channel. However, you will find plenty of articles and information from various industry experts and success stories. You might not always find that needle in the haystack, although you will find plenty of ideas to help you grow your marketing business and hone your techniques.


With all the tools and resources they offer, you’ve probably already heard of Moz. However, we’re really here to talk about the Moz blog. To be fair, many of their blog posts are SEO related. That being said, each post is just as valuable as the last. SEO is at the forefront of any digital marketer’s mind. Why not keep up with the latest techniques, tools, and more (especially algorithm changes).

Their articles, videos, and other resources are refreshingly accessible. We’re especially fans of their how-to series. Even beginners can get top notch SEO tips and tricks. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Whiteboard Fridays, where you’ll get a variety of topics as well as any breaking news related to marketing.

Marketing Land

This website is, much as it sounds, a world full of marketing resources. Like the Moz blog, you can find marketing information on any variety of topics, within just about any industry. It’s not solely dedicated to ‘marketing’ per se. You’ll also get valuable information about changing dynamics in social media and upcoming digital marketing events.

Their blog is another impressive point of their site. Unlike some other marketing websites, they actually engage with their audience. Not only that, upcoming digital marketers can also network and build valuable connections on their blog. You won’t find anything you can’t use on this blog. They cover topics as small as details in social media platforms changing (which you otherwise wouldn’t hear about) to more significant topics like which systems are best for managing your digital marketing.

Convince and Convert

There are several reasons we had to include this website on our list. This website is great if you don’t always have time to read a huge, extensive article. Sometimes, you just need to know the bullet points. While this website does go above bullet points, the format still keeps it short, sweet, and comprehensible.

That’s not the only reason we recommend it though. When you’re looking to make the most of your time and your skills, you need a variety of media to keep you going. Sifting through different marketing videos, websites, blogs, or podcasts can take more time than it’s actually worth. Convince and Convert actually has all of those combined into one. You can get inspiration in whatever medium suits you, and improve the way you approach marketing.

Content Marketing Institute

This marketing website does have a heavy focus on content, as you may have gleaned from its name. However, any really good digital marketing expert knows that effective content can be the key to successful marketing, and building a brand.

This is certainly an educational website, but it’s not only for people getting started. Even long time experts within the field can regularly find valuable information to enhance their marketing campaign. You’ll get details about what’s up and coming or new trends.

In Summary

Marketing websites are one of the best ways to stay updated and at the top of your game, with minimal time and effort. By keeping up with marketing websites such as these, you can save a lot of time and who knows, you may even pick up an important tip or two. When it comes to marketing, it’s essential to always keep up with all the new trends and happenings in the industry that may change your current strategy or give you new ideas on how you approach your work.

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