If you’re running your business online, you need a digital marketing funnel to fully optimize your marketing efforts. This funnel is what will transform traffic to your website into actual sales and customers as you interact effectively with your leads. You’ll be able to learn more about the behavior of your potential customers, and you can even automate this system to save time. There’s a lot to learn about a digital marketing funnel though, so let’s go into more detail.

What Is a Digital Marketing Funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is all about using marketing tactics to generate traffic to your website. The whole point is to get people to become loyal to your brand and to get your business to be more well-known. You’ve probably seen this strategy used multiple times without even realizing what it was.

You might think that you may not need something like this, but the old forms of marketing just aren’t enough anymore. A digital marketing funnel is perfect for businesses of all sizes to help you reach your customers, which is why you’ll want to get started on your funnel.

To put it simply, a digital marketing funnel is a process wherein you transform someone who knows nothing about your business into a loyal customer that will be willing to share their experiences with others. It works like any other objective for your business: you first begin with the specific objective of fulfilling a service for someone or providing them their product. You then convert them into a paying customer that will hopefully return for another product, or recommend your services to others.

As your customers go through the funnel, they will go from awareness to ultimately purchasing your product. It all starts by marketing to your target audience, which doesn’t have to be overly complex as long as it gets the message across.

Elements of a Digital Marketing Funnel

So, what goes into a digital marketing funnel? The whole point is to nurture your customer along the way to encourage them to revisit your business in the future. But if you want to implement your funnel in a way that will be most effective, it’s best to start with some of the main elements.


As a general rule of thumb, you should begin by leading your customers through different stages. They will begin with awareness. As you market your brand to your potential customers, it’s your job to make them aware of any problems they may have. They don’t need to be ready to buy because that’s what you’re trying to do: convince them that your product or service is necessary.

You then funnel them into the consideration stage, where they’re looking for solutions and are considering all of their options. These are the people who haven’t made a purchase yet, but who want to learn more to see if your product or service might be helpful.

Finally, you want to funnel your customers into the decision stage. This is when customers decide that they are ready to make their purchase and that they believe that you will best be able to help them. Customer reviews will help new customers make their decisions here.

Now, you know the elements of the funnel. The next question is how to scoot people through the funnel where they end up purchasing your product and returning for more.

Ushering the Buyer Through the Funnel

Before you build your funnel, you’ll want to understand your target audience, what they’re looking for and build a marketing strategy to help entice them to buy.

Lead Magnets

Consider using lead magnets to help you promote your brand to your audience. Lead magnets are effective at getting your potential customers to enter the funnel. With lead magnets, you can get their email addresses. This will allow you to market to them again and again in the future.

Sending emails to people will be a helpful part of your strategy, since it will ensure that you’re interacting with your customers and can promote your product to them anytime you want to.

Tripwire Products

A tripwire is basically a service or product at a reduced price to help pull people in. Price it affordably low so it will not be a huge objection for the customer to make a decision. It’s important that your tripwire is not merely a discounted product but something that is very valuable as well.

Remember, at this point, you’re not looking to profit off your main product or service yet. The main focus here is just to turn your potential customer from a visitor merely browsing your website to a paying customer.

You need to show your customer the value of this tripwire product so you can effectively entice them to take the next step and actually purchase your products.

Main Offer

Your core or main offer lies right at the ultimate end of the funnel. This is where you aim to get your customers to land, after funneling through the stages. The best scenario is that your visitor would already be convinced by your brand and your value by the time they reach this stage. This would make it a very easy choice for them to make the decision to purchase.

Marketing Strategies: Ads, Social Media and More

You need people to come to your website to see your service and decide that they need it, which means that you need traffic to your website. This comes from your marketing strategy on search engines, social medial, ads, email campaigns and any offline events.

You’ll especially want to fix up your social media marketing strategy, since this is something that most people will see immediately. This is also a great way to engage with your customers and keep them returning for more of your services and products in the future. Educate your customer base, entertain them and engage with them to help them learn more about how you can help.

In Summary

A digital marketing funnel is an effective way to attract people to your website and prompt them to keep returning to buy your products continuously. It will increase your sales by nurturing your leads, turning your website visitors into actual buyers. When people have more awareness of your brand, they will be more willing to make another purchase and to trust your company or brand in the future.

Consult our digital marketing strategist today to help your business design its own digital marketing funnel.

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