What if your Orlando SEO from Get The Clicks told you that your website could attract more visitors and convert them from casual surfers into clients with a visual update to your website? We have seen it often before, and even play around with our own website every so often to experiment with new layouts that will deliver the message more effectively to the right users. Sometimes a few sales driven tweaks are all you need to make a big impact on online visitors.

Here are some things to consider when considering implementing a website facelift:

1. The website should be easy to read and navigate through. If your target audience Is over the age of 35-40 this becomes even more important. Consider deficiencies such as color blindness when selecting colors and make sure that text is unobstructed by other visual components.

2. Are there Calls to Action? While a website should inform the user about your products/services and what makes your company so great, it needs to generate leads. Entice your visitors to click buttons, download items, purchase packages, and etc… Calls to Action phrases are very powerful in creating a psychological response from visitors in the form of clicks and phone calls.

3. Make it EASY for anyone to contact you. Place your phone number and contact details on every page or in a prominent easy to find area on your website. If someone is reading information, and is enticed to choose you for your product/services, then you would want them to be able to easily get in touch with you right away while that emotional response is still fresh.

4. Do not fill the pages with loads of text. Users generally spend a few seconds scanning a page before they decide to click away or stay on the page. Having leaps of text is a big turn-off (especially for mobile users) so keep the amount of text to a reasonable state. You want to convey your message in as efficient a manner as possible.

5. Do not be afraid to be different. There are plenty of sites with similar products/services, give your website at least one unique feature or section that makes you different online.

We hope you enjoyed these tips from your Orlando SEO team at Get The Clicks, and please leave your comments below.

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