Every so often, a new “marketing hack” comes out and swears to give you instant results. It’s an advertiser’s version of a get rich scheme. Although it worked for one person, does not mean it’s going to have that same effect for everyone else. While some of these supposed “hacks” have merit, a lot of them are strategies that should be adapted to the business with careful consideration.

For a company, it’s crucial to have tricks up your sleeve that you know can quickly help your business and consistently improve your marketing efforts. Get the Clicks has some tips that might be able to take your company’s Ads to the next level.

Google Ads Extensions

Google Ads extensions are one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase clicks and conversions on your ad campaigns. Google Ads extensions give you more space in your ad, which allows you to entice your users to click more. Google Ads extensions can lead to a CTR increase of approximately 10-15%, which is significantly higher and can make a big difference in both CTR and conversion rates.

However, there are various kinds of Google Ad extensions, and you can use multiple extensions on each campaign. Some will detail different key pages on your site to entice users to click by giving them access to the information they may be looking for up front. Others might feature information about products, sales, phone numbers, or the address and hours of the business itself.

If you’re unsure about which one to choose, a sitelink or structured snippet extension is typically a good place to start. Sitelinks highlight key site pages which assist users in getting additional information. Local companies who are striving to create traffic need to utilize organization and call extensions. Extensions are quick and easy to set up for your campaigns, and you can use a single extension across multiple campaigns of your choice to save yourself time.

Cut Duplicate Keywords

Having that feeling of pure happiness that you get when you find that perfect keyword is something everyone can relate to. You finally found that keyword that has excellent search volume, high purchase intent, and maybe it has a relatively low competition level. There’s no better feeling, and you may want to use it in every campaign all the time.

However, duplicate keywords can work against you because of your campaigns competing against each other. Your ads are already competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other advertisers for those placements, you don’t need to get in your own way. Instead, the smartest move to make is to assess which campaign the keyword would be most effective and relevant for. Don’t ruin your amazing keyword with this mistake.

Leverage Branded Terms for High-Quality Scores

Quality score is an integral part of the Google Ads world. The quality score affects your ad rank, which directly correlates to your success on the platform. A majority of your quality score is based on whether your campaign keywords and landing page match up with the ads you’ve created. It’s not too much of a surprise that targeting branded keywords would result in a high quality score. The high quality scores of the brand keywords will increase the overall quality of your account in the eyes of Google.


Managing Google Ads comes with a series of complex decisions. You need to be able to balance everything from audience intent to your competitor’s bids to the strategies you want to use. There are a lot of layers, which can make consistent success with this marketing avenue a bit challenging. Using the basic Google Ad tricks mentioned above can help elevate your campaign performance.

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