Email marketing can be tricky, but it can also be an incredibly effective way to reach and engage your customers to increase sales. However, it only works if you do it the right way. Let’s review the top 10 effective email marketing strategies, all tried and tested with proven results.

Top 10 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Value Focused

Most businesses think of discounts and promotions to increase their sales and traffic to their website. When it comes to email marketing though, value can mean a different thing.

Instead of constantly promoting your goods or services, email newsletters do very well with value in the form of newsletters and information. Engage with your customers as if you are in a dialogue and always offer value. Otherwise, it won’t take long before your email subscribers will stop opening your emails or even unsubscribe.

Mobile Optimization

People today have smartphones in their hands nearly constantly. If you’re not mobile friendly, you’re losing customers. Checking emails on smartphones is increasingly common, and customers expect an experience that reflects that.

Your website might be optimized for mobile visitors, but the emails you send out should be too. Consider that today 61% of all marketing emails get opened on smartphones; not optimizing takes a big chunk out of your business.

Customize Responses

Rather than sending out emails on a set schedule, consider tailoring your messages’ timing. Do you have customers adding items to their cart and waiting to check out? It happens all the time, and many times your customers never return to complete their purchases.

However, sending an email with a discount on their selected product can make all the difference. If they’re already looking at it, even a 10 or 20 percent coupon can seal the deal.

Automate Wisely

Automating emails can save a lot of money in the long run. However, you need to know when you should use this tactic. If you’re smart about it, it can lead to a huge revenue increase in the long term.

When it comes down to responding to customer concerns, this tactic may not be at the top of your list. However, when you’re sending out triggered emails (due to an idle cart, etc), automation can be a time saver and an excellent marketing strategy.

Test It Out

Before you really commit to any marketing strategy, it’s best to narrow down your demographic and test out the best marketing tactics to reach them. A few runs of A/B testing on a campaign can make a huge difference in the long run. It’ll shed some light on what actually works.

Get Design Down

Much like your message, you should also be testing out your design, and how it appears on different devices. Make sure your general layout and design is consistent with your branding.

This not only helps customers get familiar with your brand, it also tells them which colors and elements to subconsciously associate with your brand. If your emails don’t match your brand, it doesn’t seem trustworthy.


When you send out emails, make sure they’re targeted at the right people. Even if you work in markets that cater to different demographics, you need to categorize emails for them separately, lest they end up in the spam bin.

Get a Good Start

A good opening line is the start of any relationship, so why treat your clients differently? Make sure your opening lines and subject lines cater to your customer. Whenever possible, include the customer’s name and specific interests.

Send Strategically

Don’t send emails on a whim. Between 4pm and 12am are the most effective hours for email marketing. If you schedule emails to go out between these hours, you have a significantly higher chance for interaction.

Get Generous

Like triggered emails, discounts and freebies also make a huge difference. Who doesn’t love a good deal? When you send out emails, make sure you include something of value to entice customers. Whether it’s a 10% coupon or full on giveaway, it gets people interested.

In Summary

Email marketing is by no means outdated. In fact, it can drive your business when you do it correctly. Use these tips and leverage the power of email marketing to grow your sales. Get The Clicks provides the best Tampa SEO services to help you leverage email marketing strategies to grow your business!

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