Can’t we all just get along! Our Orlando Web Marketing team at Get The Clicks was intrigued by a recent post about Twitters new photo filter capabilities. Several punches have been thrown among both companies and who started the brawl is unknown but here is the latest on the drama.

On December 11th Twitter officially launched the much rumored Photo-Filters which work exactly as Instagram Photo-filters. The filters were provided by the company Aviary , who is well known for providing easy and efficient solutions for online companies interested in photo-sharing.

The company has worked the past several months creating unique, custom photo-filters for Twitter to incorporate into its app. User’s will now have an array of sophisticated filters to choose from and share instantly onto their account.

The timing of this release couldn’t be more auspicious as literally not even a week ago Instagram had pulled the Twitter Cards feature from its app. Twitter cards are basically when a user shares a photograph taken through Instagram onto their     Twitter Account. By disabling this feature, now user’s photographs (shared from Instagram) have disappeared and only a link remains in their place.

The gossip mill has been churning but it seems that these two companies are not going to support one another by any means in the near future. When asked about the pull, the CEO of Instagram (Kevin Systrom) explained to users that “Instagram would always be integrated with Twitter”. Let us see how that pans out.

It is important to remember that Facebook acquired Instagram earlier in the year while Twitter refused to be bought out by Facebook. With the huge popularity or Twitter, not being able to acquire such an asset was probably not taken lightly by Facebook executives.

Let us hope that social media can somehow get along more in 2013 as we all know the importance that social media can play in online marketing and branding. If you would like to learn more about the feud and any updates on the current social media battle please subscribe to our blog and let us know what you think.

Have safe and happy holidays everyone and we hope to hear from you in our next blog from your favorite Orlando Web marketing company, Get The Clicks.

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