Finally! I think every Orlando SEO team out there is smiling a bit as the latest news from Google about the latest step of the Google Places integration process.

As many of our clients and friends know, we hammer it into everyone’s brains the importance of having a Google places account and utilizing Google+ for social interaction. Let’s face it, if Google is the major determinate of who gets to be #1 in search results, then you need to become friends with their services and applications (they like users to use their stuff).

If you were not aware, Google Places is the command center of how your information appears online. If the information waivers from what is on that listing, well, that causes a few issues to say the least.

In previous years users would have to login to a Google account and then access different portals to get to Google+, Google Adwords, and Google places. Now this process is about to become streamlined and much more intuitive.

The Google Places will continue to hold its status of being the main command center, but now, users can easily use Google+ from inside and monitor Adwords performance and have Google+ fully integrated from one window.

Thank goodness! Everything is simpler to use and quicker to navigate to. Another great feature is that the Google Places dashboard will also spell out for users what particular information needs to be filled in in order to completely fill out their profile.

Having a hundred percent completed profile is part of the 101 for Google Places, so now the process will be much more obvious to users. So where in the past a user might have a green bar on the dashboard that stated something to the extent of “80% profile completeness” via a graphic representation, now the bar may be followed by a specific task or prompt alerting users to what is missing. For example: “Please select store hours”.

The process has been a slow one, but it is always a great day when Google takes another step in the process to integrate all Google products/service sunder one dashboard. Have a great weekend everyone and we hope you will continue to read more on our Get The Clicks Orlando SEO blog tomorrow.

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