Social media provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses, to market their services effectively to consumers. The implementation of geolocation on all major social networks, along with an increased usage of smart phones, has opened up new doors to market your business using location tools. With over 60% smart phone users frequently using the location apps, it is about time you leverage this for your Orlando internet marketing initiatives.

Facebook Check-ins

Among the sea of new features on Facebook, the check-in feature is something that stands out. It is an interactive feature that allows your fans to tell their friends, when they are at your business. The number of check-ins not only increases your fan page metrics, but can also increase the number of visitors to your store. It works better than the number of likes on your page. The fact that a friend is visiting your shop, and sharing about it on Facebook can inspire others to visit your shop too, leading to effective internet marketing.

Foursquare Campaigns

Foursquare is a social network that exists for the sole purpose of check-ins. Foursquare provides an excellent opportunity to market your business. It offers special deals and discounts to customers who check in to your store. Foursquare can count the number of check-ins per visitor, and the visitors can be rewarded with badges and points. These badges and points can be exchanged for discounts at your store. Many businesses are using this method for promotion. The visitors need to visit your store a number of times, get a badge on Foursquare, and display it through their smart phone to your staff to get discount.

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