When Twitter acquired nd introduced Vine back in late January, we must admit we were a bit curious here at Get The Clicks on how the app would work and how it might interest some of our Orlando SEO clients.

Vine is a mobile application that one can simply download onto their device and use easily. The whole point of vine is to enable users to create short (6 second) videos that they can create with ease, and upload quickly onto their Twitter profiles and share across the web.

Why six seconds? Quite frankly, Twitter is all about brevity and getting down to the point of the matter, so it was almost logical to create an app where video had to fit within those same parameters.

Furthermore, the time limit has sparked a surge of creativity as users think of unique ways to fit their message in a 6 second window. It really cuts a lot of the “clutter” out of video.

Since late January the popularity of this application has grown so quickly that it has now dominated the top position in the U.S. App Store for I-phone. This is a staggering rise as the application has only been out for two and a half months!

So far the only drawback of this app is that Vine is only available for download on mobile devices. The company has announced that it is working on a desktop version, but there is no update on when the release might be or how long it will take.

Lately Vine introduced the Trending Hashtag feature which allows users to find trending videos easily on their mobile device. Twitter has really fully integrated this service into their own way of doing things to user’s delight. This application is projected to grow even more in popularity as the year passes.

Social media is growing exponentially so make sure that you are on top of these new and exciting offerings. If you would like to stay up-to-date with all things Twitter on our Orlando SEO blog please subscribe to this category and be in the now with Get The Clicks.

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