Google+ can be an invaluable tool for any company looking to promote their content, and help with their search engine optimization in the process. Google+ is often overshadowed by more mainstream social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Now I don’t want to discount the importance of having a social media presence over multiple platforms, but just keep in mind that Google will reward you for using their product (go figure).

Unfortunately, Google was a lacking in their ability to integrate their social media network into use by not having a simple set up procedure, or worthwhile appeal to the small business owner upon release. Now though, It’s almost as if Google is punishing businesses who don’t utilize their social media platform, and graciously rewarding those businesses who use it on a regular basis. According to Moz, having a good amount of Google +1s to your page is more important than building links to your page! Crazy!

Setting up your company Google+ page is simple if you are familiar with the process of setting up local listings, the verification process is very similar. Simply setting up your page will not give you the sort of web presence you want though. You will need to confirm your company address, website, and email in order to build trust among users, and confirm the legitimacy of your business with Google.

Google+ can also be used to establish authorship. Studies show that search results that include authorships are more likely to be clicked, even if they are ranked further down the page. This being said, if your webpage has a content section that is updated on a regular basis, such as a blog, you will want to utilize Google+ for your authorship. Be careful with this though, you don’t want authorship from your company page, be sure to have each person active on your website set up their own personal Google+ page to establish authorship to.

Like I said before, it is not enough to simply just have a Google+ page. In order to be successful with it, you need to be active, be added to other users circles, and receive a good amount of +1s not only on your G+ page, but also on your webpage. This can be done simply be creating quality content that appeals to your industry and getting it out there using Google+. Accepting G+ with open arms can boost your rankings and using it for authorship can help give you the leg up on your competition you have been looking for!

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