Here at Get The Clicks (your Orlando Internet Marketing service) we try to always guide your company to new avenues where you can share your business and interests with others around the world. With so many useful sites such as Pinterest enjoying a huge wave of approval, we thought it would be great to share another great recommendation.

Stumble Upon is not new to the scene, but has recently gone through a major face lift in order to better serve the needs of its’ users and compete with the other online sharing sites.

Stumble Upon in short is a website dedicated to giving you a custom internet search experience. When a user subscribes, they create a profile where they share what peaks their interest and what they want to continuously find more information about on the web. In this manner, when the user logs in, Stumble Upon will introduce you to interesting web pages, pertinent videos, photographs and more that fit your interest or niche.

This is not only a great learning tool in order to keep you up to date with all in your area of interest, but it is a great way to also introduce your company and its offering to others around the globe.

No longer does one have to rummage through countless photos, videos, and hours of searches in order to find the latest. Stumble upon makes it easy for users to stumble across hundreds of sources of information in their key interest. What a time saver!

We hope you go visit Stumble Upon and see if it is for you. It never hurts to check out a free and helpful website that can potentially make your day. Imagine waking up in the morning and having customized results tailored to your needs delivered right to you with the click of a button. It is no wonder this company has done so well.

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