I don’t know about you but we have had ENOUGH with other Orlando SEO companies duping business owners into paying for keywords that don’t lead to conversions. The point of performing SEO on any company’s website is to drive more leads. Businesses are happy at being at the top of Google not because it looks nice; it is because it drives the potential for many more sales. Keywords are essential to obtaining this goal.

Before our team starts any optimization work the first step is always getting to know the company and then selecting the right keyword PHRASES that will drive a client who is searching to purchase that companies service in their area.

Why did I capitalize the word “phrase”? Choosing a keyword phrase rather than a single keyword makes a huge
difference! Let us say for example you run a criminal defense law firm and you want to reach more of your target market. Simply using the keyword “criminal”, will give you a general results page back from a Google search. Everything from photographs of criminals to music bands, to articles on criminals will be at your disposal but what does that have to do with finding a lawyer that specializes in criminal defense in your area?

When you utilize a highly specific keyword phrase, this not only highlights your service using a more sales driven language but by adding the geographic area (so you do not receive inquiries from across the nation where you do not perform the work), you can target your potential client much better and ensure you are one of their top choices listed when searching for your services.

Keywords are everything and too many companies are going the easy route and using 1-2 word keywords that will not lead to conversions. It is easy to pick a word and start optimizing, but if it does not improve your business why waste money and allow yourself to be scammed?

Trust in a company that is only happy when you are improving your business. Honesty is key and no significant gains come from nothing. Do not be fooled by other companies. It takes work and dedication to achieve the right results and your Orlando SEO company at Get The Clicks can get you there!

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