While most marketers often succeed in directing traffic to your site, where they fail is in turning these leads into conversions. A good conversion funnel must be able to direct your leads at least till the check out process. It is understandable that many consumers are often lost half way through the conversion funnel, and there is little that you can do to change this. However, a good number of visitors often bounce off your landing pages almost immediately, leading to low SEO rankings for your Orlando website. This must be avoided at all times, and below are a few tips you can follow to guide your visitors through the conversion funnel for your web marketing efforts.

Provide search features

Even though it may not be possible for you to provide search functionality that makes use of machine learning and optimized crawling on your website, a search feature is important. Always remember that visitors do not like to spend a lot of time, searching for information that they want to find on your website. Try to feature some of the commonly searched items, along with links to other items that belong to a similar category. This can generate curiosity and interest among your consumers about your business.

Make navigation a breeze

Site navigation is another important area to focus on for any website. But many websites fail to keep their visitors engaged on their site, due to poor navigation. A reputed Orlando SEO company can help you with improving navigation for your website. While it is important to increase the number of clicks from landing pages, you must also try to avoid clutter wherever possible. The human brain can only store a small amount of information in its short-term memory. If visitors are presented with an overwhelming number of options, they get frustrated and this leads to a poor navigation experience.

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