As our Orlando SEO Company staff at Get The Clicks have noticed, 2013 has already begun with a major buzz going around the SEO world on Google’s latest secret update. While we had made some predictions of what would come in 2013, we did not expect what happened so far!

Sites in the UK are being completely wiped out SEO wise and Google is keeping a tight lock on disclosing any information. There has been speculation that perhaps they went too far in the stringency of their update and are now trying to remedy the situation. Others are saying this new update is here to stay and will become even stricter. Whatever it may be, it seems to have had huge effects on UK sites, bringing previously #1 spot sites all the way to page 4-6! This is terrible news for UK SEO companies who have spent tons of man hours bringing their clients to the top.

Based upon these recent happenings, we now have a revised list of SEO predictions. Here are our top 3 and let us know what you think in the comment box below and what predictions you would like to add to the mix.

#1 In 2012 a major Penguin update occurred that gave more stringent guidelines and weight to different types of anchor text. The more natural looking the better and companies such as ours really delved in deep into very natural driven SEO in order to serve our clients best and safeguard against future, more organic style changes. We predict things will get even stricter and that inserting keyword anchor text with any perfect match keywords or geo tags will be a thing in the past in the near future.

#2 Google’s algorithm will continue to become truly integrated with social signals, shares, and links. No longer is having a fully optimized site, with quality back links and no social stamina be able to rank above the rest. It will be preferable to have a site with less links and more shares and +1’s than another site doing the opposite.

#3 Lastly user experience will be more important than ever. Improving the user experience and decreasing bounce rate will be of utter necessity as time goes by. The time spent on the site by a user will impact search results and be a metric of interest on the site. So start engaging your users if you are not already!

Hope you liked our top 3 SEO predictions. Please subscribe via the RSS feed link above to our Orlando SEO Company Get The Clicks Blog and let us know your predictions and thoughts!

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