Being sucked into the world of Google is great most of the time, because it is our job after all, but it can also cause us to look past the details that our customers might not understand.

Google terminology and techniques associated with web marketing is in our nature. It is often hard for us to see what we do from and outsider’s perspective. We have come to find that people will see the results that they were looking for and then think that they no longer need our services. This blog is all about what happens after you’ve made it to the first page of Google.

Our job is never finished, even after we have put your site on the 1st page of the SERPs. Just because you’ve made it to number one doesn’t guarantee that you will stay there. Google is always changing what they are looking for and other marketing agencies are working to put their clients’ site above yours. To stop our services after making it to the 1st page would be like saying you won a game of battleship after sinking only one ship.

Not only do you have to work to keep your place on the 1st page for the main keyword you’re going after but there are always more keyword phrases that you can attack as well. The idea is to dominate the market online. The more work that is put in, the more business you will get out.

To our current and future clients: When you see the estimated time frame we think it is going to take to get you to the 1st page of Google, don’t think that that is the length of your contract with us. All of our work is done on a month-to-month basis and you are free to leave when you wish to, but there is no end to what we can do. Many of our clients have been with us for years. We continue to improve their business online and provide suggestions for business building that can be done offline as well.

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