There’s so much more than strategically worded and placed content that goes into SEO and high Google rankings. Don’t get me wrong, quality content is crucial for a successful website and more importantly, getting quality leads, but there’s much more to SEO than that. It’s a combination of creating a consistent, good reputation for your business, and being relevant to what your client base is looking for, with a couple keywords sprinkled on top of it all.
Google is constantly evolving. The old meaning of SEO is all but dead. It used to be that you put in a couple of keywords that Google liked into a webpage, and bam! You were considered relevant and recognized by high rankings. With web marketing growing so much as the internet becomes more and more a part of everyday life, it’s become harder and harder to get you up top. It’s a good thing we are constantly evolving too to stay on top of it all then, isn’t it?

Just like in Jen’s most recent blog, after you get to the front page, there’s no guarantee that you will stay there. When you are initially having your webpage built, tons of content will be added to your webpage. After that, unless things change in your business, content on web pages aren’t really edited. This is the key reason as to why blogs are so important to keeping your site relevant. When regular blogs are added, you have the chance to optimize your site again and again and again, rather than write content, sit on it, and hope to stay at the top.

I’d go so far as to say it’s better to have quality, human-like content written than keyword rich content that Google might recognize. What’s the point of writing something that will get your webpage hits, but at the same time, turn away clients because of the unnatural focus on jamming keywords into a sentence? No one wants to buy from someone they don’t trust, and no one wants to trust someone who they feel can’t communicate naturally. We follow our own rules, and run an honest, quality business. Google in turn recognizes and rewards us for this by keeping us at the top for Orlando Web Marketing.

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