The web traffic on mobile devices is breaking records on a daily basis. It’s highly likely that most of the web traffic in the future will be through mobile devices.

    Optimization for search engines on mobile devices is significantly different from that on our desktops. It’s important to understand these differences to effectively use mobile SEO techniques.

    How Mobile SEO Differs From Desktop SEO

    The smaller size of mobile devices, their limited hardware, and networks call for SEO principles that are vastly different from desktop SEO. The following differences are important should be kept in mind for successful search optimization on mobile devices:

    • Search Behavior on Mobile Devices – Many desktop users go to the Google home screen to search. With Voice Search or Goggles there’s no need for the user to type in a query on the Google home page. Users also tend to type different keywords on their mobile phones than they would enter on their desktops. It’s important that your business’s mobile SEO strategy takes this into account.
    • Algorithm for Search Rankings – Search rankings differ for desktop and mobile devices. With the rapid rise of the smartphones and tablets industry it should not come as a surprise that there exists a separate algorithm for ranking mobile search experience.
    • Mobile SEO Is More Important – If your business is the number one on mobile search you have a lot to be happy about. It’s becoming increasingly clear that more and more people are going online on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops to look for products and services. With your business at the top of the list you should be their first choice.

    Many professional firms or any Orlando SEO company will provide expert SEO services to help websites appear higher on mobile searches.

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