One of the most recent questions our Orlando SEO Company Get The Clicks received was about back link services. We recently met up with a disgruntled business owner who had been paying thousands a month for their SEO optimization and was not happy with the quality of service he was receiving.

As many of you who are with us know, back links are important to your ranking factor online. In fact if it comes down to two equally social media heavy, perfectly optimized sites, the one that would show up higher in ranking would be the one with the most quality back links.

Some companies out there go to black hat, and unethical measures to generate back links for their clients and not only is that gaming the system, but it generates low quality links to your sites from unwanted places. Your website wants to be linked to sites in relevant industries, on forums that cover your businesses niche services that are highly respected and exhibit a high page rank due to their reputation. These links are what make or break your back link structure.

Some companies are generating back links and what’s more, these links come from adult sites, outdated forums, websites that have no relevance to your industry or topic. We share this information because we do not want to see you fall for these traps.

Always ask your SEO specialist the following:

1. How can I acquire more quality back links?
2. If someone wrote an article for my business, how can I contact them to receive a back link to my site?
3. What are some recommendations for sites I should link my website to?
There is so much competition online that knowing the most efficient and ethical way of getting high quality back links is essential in today’s internet world. Know what your SEO company not only offers, but HOW they accomplish these goals for you.

We hope enjoyed our latest Orlando SEO Company blog from Get The Clicks, and as always, you can ask us any questions and talk openly with our staff on all of your internet marketing needs.

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