Get The Clicks is an Orlando Internet Marketing company that will help you boost traffic to your site. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to market your business online and generate new leads and get clients. Carrying out an effective SEO campaign can be complicated and takes time, which is why companies prefer to outsource the job to professionals. With thousands of professionals in the industry, it is essential that you ensure that your consultant is not using black hat tactics to boost your rankings.

One of the signs that your SEO consultant is using black hat techniques is if they are targeting the wrong keywords for your site. The company should aim to rank your site for a variety of keywords and phrases that are relevant to whatever services or products you are selling. It is important that you track the keyword phrases that are attracting people to your site and see if it is relevant to your business. If the keywords are totally irrelevant then this should be a warning sign for you.

Keyword stuffing is another black hat technique that is employed. This involves including as many keywords as possible on a web-page, with no attempt whatsoever to ensure that the text is readable to a human visitor. You may even notice a long list of keywords that have been repeated all over the page or randomly repeated.

Sometimes, the keywords can be included as invisible text on a web page. This is by making the text the same color as the background of the website. If you suspect this, use your mouse to highlight the page of your website to see if there is anything in the background.

Companies that use black hat techniques often use linking schemes. This is because back-links are valuable to search engine rankings. Use a back-link checker tool to determine where the inbound links to your website are coming from.

If the inbound links to your site are coming from sites that are in no way related to the theme of your website, you should get suspicious. This is because the probability is that your consultant is using black hat tactics. It is also possible that they are involved in link buying or link exchanging.

In addition, any SEO consultant who promises you guaranteed page one ranking should be treated suspiciously. This is because rankings are normally subject to a number of variables and no one can guarantee you top rankings for your site. A good SEO company will only be able to give you an approximation of when your site will be indexed.

Also, any company that promises you a one-time fix that will keep you permanently ranked in the top results should be treated suspiciously. This is because SEO requires an ongoing effort if you are to get positive results. Only hire a reputable company to optimize your website. Get The Clicks is an Orlando Internet Marketing company that uses white hat techniques to boost traffic to your website.

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