As you may have read from our previous Get The Clicks Orlando SEO blog post, link building is an important ranking factor in your website. Like most SEO there is a clear and defined set of ways to build links correctly, and there is a lot of black hat SEO methods. As the link building specialist for Get The Clicks, one thing I have learned and try to communicate to our extended family of clients is the importance of link building the right way. Even though it takes longer to employ white hat SEO, it will pay off tenfold in the future.

Below are the 10 Best Link Building Strategies for your website. We hope you enjoy these tips and let us know if you have any comments at the end of the post.

Top 10 Best Link Building Practices:

1. An SEO company will begin by adding your links into general directories such as DMOZ. These directories help the search engines find your site initially and give it some authority at the foundational level.

2. Once the general directories have been utilized, submit links to niche directories. What are niche directories? These are sites that discuss topics in your industry and are specific to what you do. If you are unsure of what directories exist currently in your niche, simply type in your keyword phrase into a directory and that will often give you a few results as a starting point.

3.Try SERP Link Building. SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Page”. When a user types in a search the results are placed in order of rank from most powerful to least powerful in laitance terms. What you want to do essentially is find the most powerful pages for your keyword and have a link placed in their page. This can be done by offering to guest blog post, comment on their site, ask them for a link directly or etc… Each high page rank link that is built bolsters your site.

4. Open Social Media Profiles. Although social media profiles do not pass on page rank they are a wonderful aid in that these profiles will show up in search engine results pages.

5. Become an authority in your industry and write articles about what your visitors seek. Using keyword research write these articles and submit them to article sites.

6. Take these same articles and submit themt o your social media profiles and to social bookmarking sites as well.

7. Write press releases as well showcasing the newsworthy accomplishments your company has done lately so others can become fans of your work.

8. As mentioned before, guest blog for your favorite top ranking niche sites. This is such a boost to your backlink campaign and will make you appear very reputable if done well.

9. Network online and leave comments. You can build great relationships online and get the “in” to your industry online.

10. Do something meaningful online such as offering a helpful download, or other freebies that the community will not only benefit from but share amongst others.

We hope that these proven Orlando SEO link building strategies have offered you some insight into part of what goes into building you an effective link building campaign, please comment below and have a great day!

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