Get The Clicks Presents: How to Keep the Attention of Your Target Market in an ADD Epidemic.

On Wednesday, November 20th from 4:30 to 8:00 we will be hosting a Marketing Seminar in Downtown Orlando at Doc’s Streetside Grill. Food and drink (full bar) will be available for purchase.

The seminar will be broken up into two parts. The first will be a presentation from the GTC family on a variety of marketing topics. Our main focus will be on standing out in a world of over stimulation and an abundance of information to sift through. Much of what we discuss will be web-based but we will also cover some traditional marketing methods we recommend.

We will take a break in-between sections of the seminar for mingling, a chance to eat and grab a drink, if you wish to. (A cocktail or two will make the second half of our event even better so don’t be shy.)

After the break, we will get into groups to have a workshop where we will be able to target some of your individual concerns. We will have the ability to run website audits, web presence and reputations evaluations, provide social media advice, or really just about anything else that you have marketing questions about. (Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet with you. We recommend it.)

If you don’t have a marketing company, are skeptical about what your marketing company is doing, or you just want to know what you could be doing better, our seminar is the place to be.

To RSPV please visit our Facebook event page or send me an email requesting an invitation. Seats will be limited.

Facebook event page:
Jen Wheeler: [email protected]

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