As many of you have been made aware of by our Orlando SEO liaison at Get The Clicks, phone numbers are no longer allowed in your Adwords Ad Text. All ads have been changed to comply with these new standards (one of many that came out in March).

We all know that placing a phone number on the ad was a great benefit in landing more calls but not to worry, the Call Extension feature in Adwords allows for the business telephone number to appear in its own section on an ad Rather than appearing directly in the ad text, the number may appear above or below the ad.

These changes came last week (hence us reaching out to all of you). Why the change? Well, Google Adwords has been really shaking up their policies in addition to being more mobile friendly.

All of these changes are to improve ad quality. At the end of the day, this switch to call extensions is great because for those businesses that have spammy or low quality ads, their call extension will not show unless if they have a minimum number of clicks on their ad group.

They even take this further by setting a minimum number of calls to show a Google forwarding number! All in all, make sure your ad is effective, or you will be left in the dust against your savvy Adwords competitors!

One of the benefits of this extension usage is that you can count exactly how many times someone clicked on the call extension. All extensions have been able to do this, but if you or another Adwords manager had not been using the extension, you were missing out on the easy to find tracking abilities.

In addition conversion rates are easy to track using extensions. You can measure details such as phone impressions, phone calls, phone-through rate, and the average cost per phone call within your campaign.

What is a phone-through rate you ask? This was introduced last summer and basically allows advertisers to bid for calls. What you bid per call will affect your ad position as well.

So many changes huh! Well, we hope you enjoyed blog 2 from our Get The Clicks Adwords changes posts, and if you need any Orlando SEO help or have any questions, feel free to call one of our expert staff.

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