2016 RIA Convention. Get The Clicks had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Restoration Industry Association Convention, March 22nd- 23rd, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the turn out. Setting up for this event was a smooth and easy process that made us want to come back every year. Getting to attend this year was, the owner of Get The Clicks, Stephan Boehringer, Account Managers Jennifer Wheeler (far right) and Melanie Boehringer (far left), and administrative and marketing assistant Kat woss.




RIA_2Ambiance. The Ambiance of this convention was full of life. The convention room was the perfect size; not being overly crammed into a room, people were able to move freely and comfortably. The first day of the convention started around noon and the Orlando World Center Marriot was kind enough to provide a buffet style lunch for everyone involved. This made for happy bellies and positive conversations! We couldn’t have had a better experience and are very thankful for the service we received from the convention coordinators, specifically Emilia Philip, the sales manager for the convention. We got to speak to various vendors on their opinion of this year’s convention and they had nothing but positive things to say. You can check out the video on our YouTube channel.




Networking. The Networking opportunities were endless. People were eager to come up to the booths and see what services they could learn about and use. We really enjoyed attending and being able to talk to folks about their website marketing needs, which lead to awesome business leads and relieved restorers. We got to reunite with our good friends Coal Bailey and Lindsay Milam who work for The Drying Team, as well as creating new connections with Eve Vanderpool who works at Simsol,
Dick Wagner who does disaster restoration consulting, and Joe Skach who is the president of Artillery Tools. To see all of our connections, visit our preferred vendors’ page!




Link Exchange. While at the RIA Convention we made some great connections with various restoration companies. When talking to them, we decided to offer a link exchange where we partner in listing each other’s companies as preferred vendors! This is a great way to enhance traffic on websites creating more business for everyone involved. The best part about this is its completely free and not only does it help you online ranking, it helps with your credibility! If you’re interested in being involved in our link exchange feel free to contact us at 407-681-4100!




Why attend? Attending the RIA Convention is a great way to stay up to date with all of the new and exciting trends in the industry. It gives you a chance to, learn about new products, network, gain experience, share ideas, and create lasting relationships. It’s as if it’s your lifeline for your restoration company, because without attending you could be left in the dust on the new technology your competitors are using. You might ask why a web marketing company would go to a restoration convention and that’s a valid question. Here at Get The Clicks we have experience with restoration companies and helping their website reach the top of Google, but it wasn’t until we attended this convention that we realized the vast amount of information we were missing out on. When we decide to do SEO work for a company, we look at their competitors, the industry, and much more. This convention opened our eyes to how things really work, and the more insight we have, the better our services will be for you!




Oru Marketing Technique. We had a great opportunity to hand out Get The Click stickers when someone gave us their business card. In return they had a chance to win a tablet, and if they visited our booth they could double their chances! We had people standing at our booth on the last day just to see if they won, it was awesome! Even if they weren’t interested in our services, it was fun, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it! We wanted to give big congratulations and a shout out to Dan Denault, the owner of AHS Construction Firm, for winning!




Thankful. If there is one thing we will continue to repeat is how thankful we are for everyone who came to talk to us. There’s nothing better than having a genuine conversation with someone in the industry who is just as excited to share information as we are. Being able to give and take information that could last a lifetime is an intangible asset that a lot of the time is overlooked in day to day business. We realized that there is always an opportunity to learn from others, even if they aren’t directly teaching it to us. We urge businesses to listen to their clients, competitors, advocators, and raving fans so you can continue to grow within your community.




Contact us. We have the experience you need! Get The Clicks has had a proven track record with many companies since 2002, and now more than ever, we know the restoration industry. We thrive on helping companies become successful, it’s our passion. If you think your website is in a position that may need some tweaking or if you are just in need of some advise, don’t hesitate to call us! Getting together to discuss your opportunities with us is free, and we want people to utilize that! In the restoration industry there are a lot of emergency based calls right? Being at the top of Google is vital for your business! A cool thing that we have on our website is a ton of information on restoration including marketing, reputation management, web design, branding, keyword search, and much more. Just visit our website, hover over SOLUTIONS, and click Orlando SEO Services. Once you are on that page, click on Restoration under the graph. All the information you need to know is listed there. Let us help you, help your business.

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