As many of you already know, I am the client liaison for your Orlando SEO firm Get The Clicks. One of the greatest things about being liaison is that we are able to communicate on any concerns, news, achievements, and feedback that you share. Just like a successful marriage or relationship, communication can mean the difference between eternal bliss and a sand storm of conflict. Listening to all of our extended family of clients is key to not just your happiness and success but ours as well.

Below I have written a list of the top 5 reasons to communicate with your Online SEO Company and what to expect.

1. Update your SEO Company on any major changes and company goals. We want to know what goes on in your company but communicating at all hours of the day would not be very efficient. In the “in-between” time contact us if any major changes occur as we cannot predict your daily actions. We care about your success and staying in the loop is our responsibility but at times you can beat us to it, which is ok. Do not be shy to reach out, we are here for you.
2. Contact us regarding any important staff updates. For example: If your blog posting employee was fired or if they were moved to another department, let us know. The sooner we can update our files the better. We are constantly reaching out to our extended family of clients and these changes can occur between when we posted our last blog and our next communication. Send us an email or call it is important we stay on the same page.
3. New motivations or goals. We are human and just as we change our mind about our future goals, our company goals change as well with us as we grow. If you feel that you want to go in a new marketing direction or have some ideas you have been brewing, share them with us. We are happy to brainstorm, let you know if it is a better decision, and what we can do to help you achieve it.
4. Tell us how you feel so far. The overwhelming majority of communications are positive between us and our clients but sometimes misunderstandings, confusion, or unhappiness can occur. Rather than hold it in, or not bring it up, please express your concerns with us. We try to always foresee circumstances as much as possible and never do anything to cause issue, but if you feel anything besides contentment with your services reach out to us. A phone call is always preferred. We promise we won’t bite. Working with you through not just the god, but also the bad is essential to making your business a success.
We are here to make your business succeed! If you want to reach out to us today contact your Orlando SEO expert team at Get The Clicks today.

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