An RSS feed or Rich Site Summary is a common term often heard in the website world, and not just with Orlando SEO specialists such as Get The Clicks. In particular in the area of blogging is where many people have often heard this term. RSS feeds are a dynamic format in which the web feeds the “channel” data that is frequently being updated.

What constitutes as frequently shared data you ask? Well the most common are news feeds, blog posts, video channels, and audio.

What is so great about these RSS feeds is that they are updated automatically. Once you subscribe to someone’s feed you are able to see all of their new content as soon as it is published. This means you get the latest news on your personal interests right away, without having to check multiple sites, one by one to see if they have published any new and useful content.

Now this is nothing new to most internet surfers out there who are up to date on tech news.

One of the most popular RSS feed channel facilitators has been undoubtedly Google Reader. This program which was launched by Google and widely used for a span of time was recently announced that it would be shut down in July 2013.
Google has described the reason as being due to a downfall in usage. They seem to be doing some major spring cleaning over there!

So if you have been using Google Reader to get all of your latest updates, please take the time in the next couple of months to transfer over your reader feeds into one of the alternative program sites out there. I am sure there are probably a number of how-to videos on the topic online by now.

Moral of this blog is simple: RSS has been a major influence in internet users online experience for some time and it is important to know what it is especially if you want to stay in touch with your favorite companies, brands, celebrities, or local businesses (such as us cough cough).

With the latest news about Google pulling the plug on the most loved RRS Reader there is a lot of commotion going on in the web world. What will replace it efficiently? How will users be able to get all the latest on ALL of their favorite blogs, news feeds, and etc… without bombarding their computer and slowing down their internet speed.

Let’s see what the future holds, but for now please subscribe to our RSS feed to stay in touch with your favorite Orlando Specialist Get The Clicks!

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