In today’s society, keyword research depends on your understanding of your intended audience and how they look for your content, services, or products. Keyword research provides you with essential search data which can help you answer essential questions such as:

What are people searching for?
How many people are searching for it?
In what format do they want that information?

In this Orlando SEO guide, Get The Clicks will give you tools and strategies that will help you discover that information and learn the tactics that will help you avoid keyword research mistakes and establish authoritative content. Once you find out how your target audience researches your content, your eyes will be open to a whole new world in SEO strategy.

Ask Questions Prior to Doing Any Keyword Research

In order to help a businessgrow through SEO strategies, you need to have an understanding of who your client is, who their audience is, and their strategic objectives. During this part of the research, you see a lot of people cut corners. Sometimes people will bypass this critical step of planning due to the keyword research taking up a lot of time. Too often, the mindset is why would I spend time researching when you already know the keywords you want to target

The answer is that what you want to rank for and what your audience searches for might be two completely different things. Researching your audience and then deciding on keywords that focus on those insights will make for a more successful campaign, rather than focusing on arbitrary keywords.

For instance, James and Jenna’s (a gelato shop) have inquired about SEO services and need help to improve how often they show up in Google’s organic search results. To help James and Jenna, you need to understand more about the kind of customers they will attract. Therefore, you might want to ask questions such as:

What types of gelato are people looking for?
What kinds of people are searching for gelato?
Are they seasonal trends for people wanting gelato?
How many people are searching for gelato?
What words do they use?
Why are people searching for gelato?

After you asked yourself the appropriate questions, you need to ask yourself how I can provide the most relevant content about gelato. You also need to figure out how you can cultivate a community and satisfy what all those people are searching for. Asking essential questions is an essential step that will help your keyword research and ultimately allow you to create better content.

Search the SERP’s

Another critical step when it comes to keyword research is to search the SERP landscape for the keyword that you’re thinking about targeting. Surfing the SERP’s will help you get a better gauge of searcher intent. If you’re trying to find out what type of content your audience wants, look no further than the SERP pages.

Google has already analyzed patterns of trillions of searches in an attempt to provide the most desired content for each specific keyword search. For example, take the search ” men’s coats.”

By the shopping carousel, you can gather Google has determined where people search for men coat’s online.

In Conclusion

Your time and energy will help you create better content which attracts your target audience and builds your website. Increased traffic will give you the best chance to boost conversions and improve your bottom line.

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