Blogging continues to grow and prosper despite all predictions and forecasts to the contrary by its critics. The simplicity of blogging platform has been its strongest suit. If you have the knowledge that your users seek and a compelling writing style, all you need is internet. If you have these, you would be well on your way to establish yourself as an expert in your area of interest and help build an image for your business.

However you will face immense competition from other bloggers and it will not be an easy task to get noticed on search engines. Without knowledge of the common mistakes that the blogging community makes, your business blog might not be able to climb up the search rankings. The following are the commonest blogging SEO mistakes:

No Brand Vision

Many business blogs are just random pieces of information. To attract potential customers, you should be able to define a vision for your blog so that all your content is focused and helps you build your business’s brand image.

Keyword Stuffing

Many bloggers live with the idea that a population explosion of keywords in their blogs is the surest way to higher rankings on search engines. This is a myth and Google’s drive against keyword overuse can spell trouble for your business blog.

No Timely Updates

One of the keys to coming up higher on searches is regular blog updates. Many bloggers commit the mistake of leaving their blogs unattended for long period of time. Dormancy causes your blog to slip down in search rankings.

By avoiding these mistakes, you should be able to garner better results for your blog. You could greatly benefit through an Orlando SEO Company that can help your businesses with social media marketing and blogging.

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