Google My Business, or GMB, has been a staple for local businesses as long as it’s been around. It’s one of the best ways to get word out about your business, and on one of the top online platforms too. Whenever there’s a potential customer in your area, chances are they’re using Google to find the best options. If you’re not part of Google My Business, you’re missing out.

Now, Google is rolling out a new GMB Google Guarantee package. It’s a paid service, but it just might provide enough benefits to justify the cost. Let’s look at what it costs, what it can do for you, and how to tell if your business is eligible.

How Much It Costs and How to Know If You’re Eligible for Upgrade

Here, we have two different concerns. How much does it actually cost to upgrade your business to the GMB Guarantee program? And, costs aside, how do you know if you can get your business approved for it?

First, let’s look at the costs. Naturally, we’re talking about the costs as of today. As with any other digital subscription service, pricing and plans can change as demand increases and new features are added. Right now, the plan costs a flat fifty dollars per month. You also have the choice to pay annually, and pay a flat 600 dollars.

With the new roll out, all members of the Google My Business program should have already received an email detailing information about the new upgrade to the service. If you don’t check your emails often, you should also check your GMB (Google My Business) dashboard when you log in to your profile. When you check your dashboard and notifications, you should have a message if you’re eligible to participate.

As of yet, there aren’t many specific details as to which businesses and industries are considered ‘eligible’ for the Google My Business guarantee badge and certification. However, it’s been safely assumed that the businesses already eligible and participating in the GMB program will be included. Of course, the stipulation is also that these businesses have their local certifications, licenses, insurance, and legal obligations in place.

Benefits For Your Company

We already know what it costs, and what you need (more or less) to qualify for the upgrade if you choose. However, we haven’t talked about the value it can bring to your company yet. Here’s what you need to know about how the program can benefit your company:

Enhance Legitimacy

As anyone knows, we live in a time of spams and illegitimate businesses. New visitors to your business or area might have some hesitation if they don’t know whether your business is legitimate or not. The GMB upgraded badge ensures that anyone looking for a local business in your industry knows that you’re a tried and true option.

Increase Trust

Google is one of the most trusted search engines in the world. People trust the results they get from Google. However, they trust the results even more when it’s been verified, especially from the very search engine they’re using. People are more likely to visit businesses they trust more, or that they know are the real deal.

Potential Higher CTR and Visibility

While we’re waiting for all the specifics as to how the program will affect visibility, click through rates, and your overall site metrics. However, it’s widely assumed that the new GMB badge will help businesses rank higher as a result and ultimately get more visibility. As any tech department or local seo specialist knows, the higher the click through rate, the higher your visitor rate and visibility.

Grow Your Business

Growing your local business is all about growing your reputation. The GMB upgrade gives your business a verified badge that shows your business delivers quality, qualified, and experience within your service. In turn, this lets you grow your business without having to create separate campaigns to complete your objectives. In short, the GMB upgrade program just might help you grow your small business a bit faster.

In Summary

So, is the Google My Business Guarantee program a good idea for your business? There are certainly benefits to going with the program, especially if you’re already participating in it. If you need to add some legitimacy and get some more word out about your business, it just might be the right upgrade to boost your business. Contact us to find out more about Google My Business Optimization.

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