Don’t you just love technology? Today I was doing some research at Get The Clicks for new Orlando Internet Marketing finds and came across an unexpected and wonderful article by Todd Wasserman on the web about Dhairya Dand’s invention called “Cheers”.

“Cheers: is a small mechanism placed into an ice cube shaped container that will monitor how much someone has had to drink and can even alert a text message alert to a trusted friend in the event one has had too much to drink.

What does this have to do with online marketing? Not much, but we want to spread the word and keep our extended family of clients and loved ones safe, and inventions such as these are truly life savers.

The device is small and combines three technologies: an accelerometer (which measures acceleration forces and this case tells you how many sips you’ve had), an IR transceivers (can send and receive infrared data), a battery, and an LED light (which turns to red when you have had too much to drink). These components are encapsulated by a jelly cube which is edible and said to taste rather good.

Technology can truly be such a wonderful thing and can help save lives. While we specialize in SEO, we also pay close attention to how technology is emerging and changing and all of the new inventions that push technology to do great things for the world.

Currently the only problem with these life saving ice cubes is that they are a tiny bit expensive. They run approximately $50 for those who are curious which can seem high, but when it comes to saving lives, there is no price for a human life. Imagine all of the drunk driving accidents and DUI’s that could have been avoided if such a device were available for use in years past.

Technology not only shares information, but it helps others, and it is this goal of helping others, where beautiful things have come about. If you want to stay in touch with all the latest in Orlando Internet Marketing and technological advances, please subscribe to our Get The Clicks blog RSS feed and leave your comments.

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