There will come a point in almost every business owner’s life, where they will begin to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help grow their business, attract a larger clientele and improve their digital presence. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a hefty investment that can either pay off greatly or end up being a bad decision due to selecting the wrong agency.

You can avoid selecting the wrong digital marketing agency if you keep in mind the tips below.

How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Digital Marketing Agency

Do Your Research

The biggest mistake that most people make when selecting a digital marketing agency is not doing thorough research. If a digital marketing agency can truly deliver the goods, it will know how to make its way to the top of search results and grab your attention. However, the fancy presentation doesn’t make a digital marketing agency good at its job or necessarily the right fit for you.

Before signing a contract with any digital marketing agency, conduct a thorough examination of a company’s online presence.  Our digital marketing teams in Tampa and in Orlando will gladly provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision. While our proposals are often considered “short and sweet”, we pride ourselves on giving our potential clients all of the nuts and bolts to make things happen the right way.

Since a digital marketing agency will connect your business to a wider audience, it is important to consider how they present themselves and how it compares to how you would like to present your brand. This is a step that is often overlooked. Yet it is a crucial step to avoid selecting the wrong digital marketing agency, seeing as their personal language and design will come through when they market your business.

Ask For Examples

Although the digital marketing agency’s personal website and marketing style is a good indicator of how they will advertise your business, it is still crucial that you ask for examples.

Once you have received examples of their previous client work, it is necessary you ask yourself if the examples reflect the style of work you are looking for. Compare how the digital marketing agency’s client examples compare to their own website since this is a good indicator of how much work they will put into marketing your business.

Ask for examples of writing so you can analyze the language used and ask for website examples so you can check for accessibility, design and navigability. To conduct even more thorough research don’t just trust reviews that the website has approved, follow up with the digital marketing agency’s past clients to find out if they were truly satisfied with the work.

Finally ask how the agency perceives the future to play out.  Understanding future trends of digital marketing is a key component to providing services that deliver.

Narrow Down Your Own Wants and Needs

Before signing any contracts with any digital marketing agencies, it is necessary that you narrow down what you are looking for, to save both yourself and the digital marketing agency from future headaches.

When considering your needs it is important to consider your budget, which extends to more than just your spending capabilities. Your budget should also factor in your expected return on investments since a marketing agency should be helping you attract more clients, or in other words, more money.

When narrowing down your wants and needs, it is imperative that you ask yourself what is the end goal, or in other words, why are you signing with a digital marketing agency in the first place.

Once you have figured out why you are selecting a digital marketing agency, you can decide on your key performance indicators which will be what you will use to judge the digital marketing agency’s performance both before signing contracts and after.

Another factor that you have to keep in mind when narrowing down your requests is how hands on you want to be in the marketing strategies. Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that will handle everything? Or a team that can work alongside you on every decision?

Accept Only Full Transparency

With a digital marketing agency, it is important to ensure that you are getting full transparency about the company’s practices before you sign any contracts. With the importance of search engine optimization, many companies invest lots of money into gaining your trust with their initial presentation.

Don’t bypass the importance of transparency due to a company’s attractive website or shining reviews. Before you get locked into any contracts it is crucial that you cover every aspect of the digital marketing agency’s policies, practices and costs.


In today’s technological world, an internet presence is crucial for every business, which explains why there are so many digital marketing agencies. With so many options, all with different marketing styles and offering different services, selecting the wrong digital marketing agency is extremely common, especially for new business owners. However, if you research thoroughly, ask for examples, narrow down your wants and needs and request full transparency you will be able to avoid selecting the wrong digital marketing agency. Apply these suggestions to find a company that will truly help your business flourish online.

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