Today, many businesses are moving away from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing has many benefits that traditional methods don’t, and these advantages will help your business achieve a better return on investment (ROI).

Understandably, it can be difficult to move away from traditional marketing, especially if it’s been your go-to method of growing your business for so many years. Why bother with digital marketing if traditional marketing has always worked in the past?

If you’re unsure about whether digital marketing can truly give you better ROI and are hesitating to try out digital marketing packages for Orlando businesses, keep reading. We’ve compiled 11 ways that digital marketing gives better ROI and by the end of this guide, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how digital marketing will benefit your budget.

What is Digital Marketing?

Put simply, digital marketing is the act of promoting your business online. Rather than traditional channels such as billboards or radio ads, you’ll use platforms such as social media, blogs, online stores, or even search engines.

The platforms you use in digital marketing are able to reach more people in a quicker amount of time. There are different strategies used in digital marketing that help target a more specific audience and ensure that your business is reaching interested leads.

Common digital marketing strategies include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. There are other methods that are used as well depending on your campaign’s goals.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing uses platforms such as the radio, television, newspapers, flyers, and billboards. These methods have been around since marketing started, which is why they are called traditional.

Unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing uses methods that interrupt customers’ days. While traditional marketing interrupts users in whatever they’re doing, digital marketing invites users to act on their own time.

11 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Better ROI

Both digital and traditional marketing have the same goal: gain quality leads and convert as many people as possible. To do this, they use different methods and strategies which makes them drastically different.

There are many benefits to choosing a digital marketing campaign over a traditional one. Here, we’ve listed the 11 benefits of digital marketing that allow businesses to get better ROI.

1. Lower Cost

Right off the bat, traditional marketing methods are costly. The price to run your ad in the newspaper, on the television, or over a radio station is extremely high when you consider how many viewers or listeners are exposed to it. You pay for everyone who encounters your advertisement, even those that aren’t interested or who aren’t your target audience.

With digital marketing, you can specify and target your audience so you can control who sees your campaign. You only pay for views or clicks that are likely to convert which leads to a more effective digital marketing strategy.

2. Easy to Measure

Google offers many different tools for measuring the success of your digital marketing campaign. Real-time analyses are readily available. Digital marketing is easy to track and can be measured within days of launching rather than the weeks or months that many traditional methods need.

Almost every type of digital marketing platform will track and measure your campaign for you so that you don’t have to track down leads yourself. Some of the most popular tools used are Google Analytics and Google AdWords. With these free tools, you can monitor your campaign goals and your ads’ performance, leading to better ROI.

3. Brand Development

While traditional marketing gets your brand’s name out into the market, it doesn’t offer as many brand development opportunities as digital marketing does.

With traditional marketing, there is a limit on the space and frequency for your advertisements. You may only be allowed a 30 second commercial or one column in the newspaper.

Digital marketing is open-ended and virtually unlimited. You can create an entire website for your brand and develop it to meet your business’s virtues and goals. With a budget set aside for digital advertising, you can also pay for as many views or clicks as you’d like. With your own website, you can post new information or advertisements without a limit on space or frequency. This helps with brand development in a way traditional marketing cannot.

4. Non-Intrusive

Traditional marketing focuses on getting your brand and image into the world, rather than drawing people in. Where radio and television ads interrupt a user’s experience, digital marketing does not. Your ad is presented in a non-intrusive way so that interested customers are drawn in.

Aside from pop-up ads, digital marketing is a very non-intrusive way to reach out to your audience. If people are truly uninterested, they can choose to ignore that email or scroll past digital advertising. For those who are interested, you draw them into your business willingly. They choose to come to you and are not immediately annoyed when their current routine is interrupted.

5. Easy to Adjust

Mistakes happen. Even when you spend several weeks planning and designing a campaign, it’s possible that an error is made and not caught until after you launch it.

In traditional marketing, it’s extremely difficult to adjust and change certain aspects of your campaign.

Digital marketing is fairly forgiving in this aspect. You can adjust whatever you need to without much hassle and change the direction of your campaign as you see fit. If a certain ad is exceeding your expectations, you can easily invest more into it. If another ad is performing poorly, you can quickly adjust it or cancel it in order to save money.

6. Quick Sharing

The digital world is very well connected. Almost anything can be shared to any social media or website which means that your digital ads can reach a new audience without you having to do much. As potential customers see your advertisement and share it to their own pages, you’ll reach a whole new audience without having to pay.

Traditional marketing is efficient, but it’s not nearly as easy to share. Sure, people can cut out a newspaper ad, but digital ads are much more likely to be saved and shared.

With increased sharing capabilities, you’ll see better ROI from improved sales results and the multiplier impact.

7. Higher Engagement

Traditional marketing methods don’t exactly allow you to interact with your audience. Instead, you have to trust that your campaign will bring new customers to you. The process is long and repetitive. You’ll also have to wait for the first responses to roll in before you can make your next move.

When you use digital marketing methods, you’re able to interact with and view your campaign’s progress in real-time. You’ll be able to engage more with potential customers and increase your brand’s impact to eventually get better ROI.

8. Worldwide

The digital world is massive. You can reach people all around the world in just a few seconds and this includes your digital marketing campaign. Although most businesses are focused on a more local or specific location when they launch a new campaign, it is possible to have a worldwide reach.

With the help of the internet, your digital marketing campaign can go anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional marketing where you would have to take the time to contact a local radio station or newspaper, you can launch a single campaign on an international platform from your office.

As far as digital marketing benefits go, the ability to have a worldwide impact is high up on the list. You don’t have to battle currency conversion rates or deal with all the hassle to get in contact with a local advertiser. Digital marketing has an instant and efficient reach that traditional marketing will never come close to beating. All these will help you get better ROI in your marketing investment.

9. Precise Targeting

When you run a marketing campaign, you want to reach your target audience in the most efficient and precise way possible. Unfortunately, traditional marketing methods don’t offer a lot of precision. Your only option is to launch your ad to a broad group and hope it reaches your target audience.

Digital marketing offers dozens of ways to precisely target your ads. From geofencing to location-based platforms, you can narrow down or expand your audience as you need. The precision offered by digital marketing is almost limitless.

As you decide who to target and how precise you want your campaign to be, you cut down the costs, create a more budget-friendly campaign and get better ROI. You can decide who sees your ads based on their interests, location, past buying habits, and demographics.

10. Quicker Publicity

Traditional marketing takes a while to get set up. You have to design your campaign, find a platform to broadcast it on, and then publish it. With digital marketing, your campaign can be launched instantly and provide quicker publicity for your business.

There’s no comparison between traditional and digital marketing when it comes to immediate publicity. Where it takes traditional marketing several weeks or longer to bring your business publicity, digital marketing does so instantly and for much cheaper.

11. High Conversion Rates

The point of your marketing campaign is to gain more customers. That’s the goal that most businesses have in mind when they launch a new campaign. In order to gain more customers though, you’ll want a high conversion rate.

When you use traditional marketing methods, it takes time to work out your conversion rate. It’s also a long process to draw in customers and convince them to sign up or convert to your business. You rely on customers seeking you out themselves in order to become a customer, which is a drawback for many.

Digital marketing makes converting customers quick and easy. You can include links in your ads that take users directly to where you want them to go. You can set up your call to action in a position that’s easy to spot and make it simple for customers. In this day and age, users want something quick and easy. They don’t want to search around and if they have to, they’ll end up leaving.


Traditional marketing has been around ever since the beginning. It’s lasted for decades and will continue to remain a popular marketing option, but it should not be your only method. As the digital marketing world grows and more people spend their time online, your business is better off making the switch to use digital marketing tactics and enjoying better ROI.

With so many benefits for your business, it’s time to make the change and watch your business grow with the help of digital marketing.

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