As we enter in the new year, it is important to start contemplating how you are going to better market your business. Some trends have really stood out in terms of things to continue doing, while others are less ideal. There are some definite stand outs as far as what digital marketing companies need to continue using in 2021.

7 Trends of Digital Marketing to take into 2021

Google Verified Listings

A strong online presence is just as important for brick and mortar stores as it is online only stores. This is where Google verified listings come in. you can easily sign up and create a Google My Business listing for your business, allowing key information to come up when googled.

This includes store addresses, operating hours, phone numbers, a link to the website of your business, and any other information you may want up there. That makes it easy for potential customers to get the information they need when googling you. It also makes it simple for them to get more information if needed.

User Targeted Ads

User targeted ads are much more effective than regular ads. This is because you are far more likely to click on something that is related to your life and your interests. Google Ads helps you to target your ads to more specific demographics, restricting things like age range, location, gender, and device preference.

You can also enter keywords that help you better target who you want to see your ads. This will greatly increase your chances of successfully getting people to click on your ads, thus leading to more potential sales.

Content Writing and SEO

Hiring writers to create content for and about your business is a fantastic way to generate business. This is because content writers can utilize SEO, or search engine optimization, to help get your content higher up on the search result page. Content writers can make informational posts, fun blogs, or answer common questions for potential and current customers.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways in recent years to engage with customers and get your products out there. From showing off the products in artistic ways, to being fun and goofy, there is no end to what you can do on social media. Posting regularly, replying to comments, and making it stand out on people’s feeds are all key ways to market via social media. This is also a way to create more interaction through the use of hashtags with your customer base.

Availability Statuses

For loyal customers, or those who have signed up for mailing lists, availability emails are a great way to say thank you. These emails show in stock updates, price drops, and low availability statuses on products customers have been looking at. This is especially helpful for those who have wish lists or items in their carts.

People who wanted to buy something before may forget to come back if it was out of stock then. By reminding them, and making it a simple, direct link to get to the item, they are more likely to purchase it now. You can also create a system to allow them to enter their emails to get alerted to item restocking.

Targeted Content

If you want to further focus your efforts to communicate with different types of customers, you can also segment them. Segmenting long term customers, first time customers, and people who are potential customers helps to better target how you market to them. This is especially helpful in email messages and more customized content based on how often they have used your business.

Employee Engagement

Something that became very clear throughout 2020 is that employee moral is key. When Covid-19 hit, online businesses became even more vital, making the employees that kept everything going essential. Allowing employees to communicate and make suggestions on how to better the day to day is always a good idea.

This is especially vital when it comes to working from home. Make sure to keep your employees heard and work in suggestions that they may have to make sure everything works its best.


Don’t rely on the past marketing trends to get you into the future. Ring in the new year with the best utilization of digital marketing trends that saw the most success most recently. This will give your business the best start to 2021 and keep you on track to succeed into 2022. If you’re unsure of how to hop on the bandwagon with these trends, give our Tampa Digital Marketing Agency a call so we can help you strategize.

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