Account strategy is a unique position within our company. These specially trained individuals are assigned to each of our marketing accounts with the goal of leading a company to digital marketing success. They are NOT sales people who are trying to up sell you with every other product that we offer. They are here to answer questions, provide personalized detailed reporting in relation to the service you’ve hired us for, and to help make suggestions to help your business thrive.

Account Strategist…A.K.A Business Liaison

Ultimately, our account strategist’s role is to understand YOUR business objectives which provide considered and clear digital solutions to help your business grow. Furthermore, they know about being commercially astute, hold solid marketing foundations, and have the skills to utilize digital techniques in order for you to be successful. As our account strategists work across our accounts and prepare new marketing initiatives, they become the lynchpin in your business. They work with the wide-range of our clients to drive innovation and growth for them and their respective industries.

Our account strategists are each assigned a client and are held responsible for the daily management of their account. Also, Get The Clicks account strategists work with other department heads in our company to delegate tasks to other members of our team and collaborate on their accounts to refine the work for better services.

Moreover, our junior account strategist continuously works with his fellow senior strategist to develop, adjust, and refine current strategies for them to get the best results for our clients. Our account strategists in a way act as our personal Vice Presidents for client satisfaction, outcomes, and the longevity of their accounts.

What They Bring to Your Business

Having one of our account strategists for your business provides a dedicated professional that maintains and creates a positive relationship between us and our clients that can last years. They are strategic thinkers, fast learners, and motivators that inspire ideas when a stressful situation arises whether it’s with one of our clients or internally, our account strategists are there to diffuse the crisis positively and engagingly.

The Role of our Account Strategist

Ultimately, our account strategists are the consumers and our company’s voice to drive strategic development through data analysis and market trends. The impact our account strategists provide include:

• Transition business objectives into marketing strategies, which consist of a big picture business outlook. Then, convert these objectives into concrete, quantifiable tactics with moving parts to support them.

• Help drive and execute inbound, digital, and creative strategies that work on behalf of our clients and your business.

• They provide insight into your business such as: what your creative vision is and, more importantly, understand how our company can impact your vision in a positive business model.

• Identifying when something isn’t working for one of our clients while also being the person who dives into the situation, champions it, and ultimately fixes it.

Our account strategists are the perfect solution for your business to navigate external and internal expectations tactfully. With the knowledge and skills our account strategy team brings to your business, the impact and productivity they will have throughout your business model should never be underestimated, and always appreciated.

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