Today Orlando Internet Marketing guru Get The Clicks has a valuable and easy nugget of information for you. If you have ever used Adwords before, you probably know that one is able to schedule their ad visibility on certain days and times of the week. Often in the beginning, an Adwords manager does not have the data available to tell them when a particular industries ad is most visited and at what time of the day in particular.

To solve this, we have written this blog to help you figure this out, by using easy and free metrics located right inside your Adwords account.

Please Follow these Steps:

1. You will need to obtain an hourly performance report from Adwords. To do this:
• Go to the Campaigns Tab
• Selects Columns>Customize Report
• Make sure that Campaign, Clicks, Cost, Impressions, Avg Position, and Conversion are selected.
2. Now you will need to download your report
• Click on the “Download Report” button
• You will notice that in the window a box to fill in “report name”, select your preferred “format”, and “Segment” appear…
• Name your report, select excel or another format, and under “Segment” choose “day of the week” as well as sub menu “Hour of Day” from the drop downs.
3. Once all of this has been filled click the blue button that says “Create” and voila!

Based upon the report you will be able to highlight or compare what days of the week produced the most clicks and from there pinpoint what exact hours of the day where the most active.

Why is this so important to ad managers? Simply put, bytargeting the ad budget on the most “productive” time of day and days of the week, you are targeting your audience, and not spending money on less popular hours.

Adwords for local businesses is all about targeting, targeting, targeting, and by being able to hone in on the times and days when your potential customers are most likely to click you ad is a big positive. We hope you have enjoyed this valuable Orlando Internet Marketing information from Get The Clicks, and have fun evaluating your reports!

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