There has been breaking news from the internet. Google is implementing a know your customer and anti-money laundering verification to the Google Ads platform. This news comes as a shocker because all you needed before was a credit card to run Google Ads. Now businesses are going to have a 30-day verification window to prove who they are. This update is spawning from the political ad ban. It also stems from the mysticism that goes behind who’s running these ads.

Timeline of the Update

Businesses will receive notifications in the US, starting in the next couple of weeks to start submitting documentation within a 30-day window. If you fail to submit verification, your ads will stop running and will be disapproved. Verification can take three to five days. However, this is likely going to roll out to more countries in the coming months. Furthermore, Google has said it’s going to take years for them to verify their ad platform of all the publishers, and they are obviously starting with the top and working their way down, and implementing this throughout.

This update will add a layer of transparency to where Google is receiving its funds, who is receiving them, where it’s giving publishers funds, and how. One of the caveats is when you’re checking ads, and you want to see why did I get this ad, you can see the details of the publisher and the information.

Google Wants Transparency

Google has been trending more towards transparency if you look at their local service ads or Google guarantee. Google is striving down a path where they want to be the preferred supplier of information for their customers. This is due to Google wanting to get rid of lead generation companies that are selling leads via the Google ads platform. With that said, lead generation companies may create a fake brand and advertise in that market, and then sell those ads. The new update from Google will get rid of those companies and prevent them from doing this.

Reactions to the Update

Some ads professionals may be upset because the information is too close to the title of the ad. This will most likely cost advertisers money since people will be unsure when they are getting this ad. This is a new development from Google, and it’s probably going to start rolling out to Facebook and other platforms very soon. So, be ready to verify your account and have all the necessary business applications prepared to be presented to Google. Otherwise, your ads will not run.

In Summary

Google is trying to flush out scammers in the market, and bring out the quality from their platform. The update is meant to clean up a lot of the traffic and eliminate the lead brokers out of the ads space. Give us a call if you would like to learn more information about the new identity update from a pay per click management company.

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