Google Local listings pull their information from a myriad of places. Every day we deal with situations where business owners look to update their information in the google local system, only to find a maze of instructions, red tape and hoops to jump through. Our friends at have created the following video shedding some light on the process with a simple whiteboard drawing.

Now that you have watched the video, you may also take a look at a couple of other resources we feel are imperative to review if you are looking to understand more about the local listing process.
The first is our Google Local Ranking Checklist. in this checklist, we have essentially boiled the local listing process into 20 itmes that are absolutely imperative to have.
Second is Mike Blumenthal’s Research Doc on Information Sources for Google Local Business Listing Clusters.
I find all of this fascinating, but I have been told its more exciting to watch cement dry. You tell me. did you learn something? Did you find it usefull. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.
We’d love to hear from you.

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