As Orlando SEO experts we are always searching for the latest and greatest to help out Get The Clicks clients do two monumental things online:

Relay a powerful message to their clients on the web
Learn how to engage users online

In the realm of the online, we have grown accustomed to adding links, images, and video to spruce up and increase engagement. Now, the newest online program has made combining all of these into one engaging image a possibility.

This unique program is an “object identifier” and allows users to tag a photograph with various media sources onto the image to prompt users to click on icons that relay information to them. No longer is an image simply a visual stimuli, it can now prompt users to purchase an item, watch a video, and visit their website, all within the same photograph!

Now we know what you are going to ask…is it free? Is it easy to use? The answer is a big YES! Not only is there a free account with unlimited Facebook applications and image uploads, but the business account is free as well, which is quite a rare find!

All you have to do to start using Thinklink is:

a) sign up for an account (it is a short half page form thankfully)
b) b) On the navigation menu on the top right click on “Create”
c) You will be brought to the upload page where you simply upload a photograph
d) Then click away! Click on an area of your image and insert the link in the pop up box, the description or call to action, and select the appropriate icon.
e) Once done inserting all your links, click save
f) The last step…share onto social media or send to friends. There is a handy “share button” to the right of your photograph

We cannot wait to see what our clients dream up, let us know what you think of our version on our fanpage via Facebook. Our Orlando SEO team came up with a fun Thinglink for our Get The Clicks Aaaargh page.

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