When Facebook introduced Facebook cover photographs to the masses, the ability for a company to brand themselves effectively became even more important. Facebook covers are large photographs that span the top of a user’s profile page. In the case of a business page, the photograph is the billboard of the internet world. Users can surf through various pages and how the cover photograph draws them can determine whether or not they will view the business profile.

As many business owners know, the current generation makes snap judgments based on visual impact in the majority of cases. When a user lands on a business’ Facebook Page, if the photograph is not inviting, dynamic, and calls to their curiosity or invokes an emotional response, the user will most likely not read further.

How powerful is the perception someone formulates from a Facebook cover photograph? According to a study of graduate students conducted by Van Der Heide,  D’Angelo and Schumaker, the results concluded that cover photographs that are odd or negative in a way invite people to read page “About Me” and THEN form an impression of the person/company.

On the flip side, for Facebook users who showed a positive photograph of themselves as a cover would be judged almost immediately. What does this signify for business? As you can infer, cover photographs mean the difference between obtaining more fans/ interest or being skipped.

Here are 5 suggestions for creating a successful cover photograph:

1. Make sure the image dimensions are no more than 851px wide and 315px tall
2. Be creative. A cover photograph does not have to be 1 image, it can be a combination of several
3. Show your companies personality and show users (visually or textually) what top products or services you provide
4. Match the season. Show your products and services but incorporate a touch of seasonal delight into each photograph
5.  Keep trying new things and keep your audience engaged

What Not to Do on a Facebook Cover Photograph:

1. Do NOT post calls to action
2. Do NOT post prices or special offers
3. Do Not post your business’ contact information

I hope you enjoyed this post by our Orlando SEO team from Get The Clicks, and please make sure to get creative and upload engaging covers to keep your business putting forth itself in the best light possible.

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