Social Media is the craze of the day, and as our Orlando SEO team at Get The Clicks has been noticing looking at fanpages, some pages need a little more love! There are a myriad of Facebook page applications that business owners can use to make their fans happier and engage more with the brand online.

The problem is, that many business owners simply do not know where to start or what is even out there. Here is where we can help, with our list of top 5 Facebook fanpage apps below.


If you were not aware, Google likes Flickr which is great because if you optimize your photographs right, they will show up in image search easily.

There is a Flickr app that one can add to their fan page and it will display a t tab which has the option for fans to view multiple albums and collections. Showcase your products with this easy to use application.

One places to get a great working app is on which provides many social media app integrations for fan pages.


You will love this! The company Eventbrite created this app in order to host and promote events online by integrating with Facebook. When users click on the tab they will be able to see the event details, buy tickets, and even share or retweet it!

My Top Fans

This app reminds us of the premise of social toaster which is to create super fans by rewarding them for their efforts. This application takes into a look at who is engaging with your page the most and gives you the analytics to really dive deep and reward them.

Page administrators can create leader boards and make it really competitive. The only thing to note is that there is an option to publicly display the top fans which might rub a few people the wrong way so always ask for permission first!

Fan Appz

This is a fun app to play with! It is essentially comprise of many sub-apps that offer promotions, coupons, polls and lots of other interactive goodies for fans to enjoy.

One of the perks is that if you have enough interaction you can monetize off you Page with brand merchandise that others can buy.

Contact Forms

Want to really convert? Having a contact form is an essential way to gain more viable leads and if an administrator can implement one onto their fanpage, imagine what that can do potentially.

Contact Me Is a simple and easy to use app that does this and users can customize their own form fields to make it fun.

We hope we have inspired you to try a few of these fun and easy to use applications for your fan page. Stay up to date on all of our Orlando SEO suggestions from Get The Clicks by subscribing to our blog above.

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