Well, well, well, we have been analyzing a few of our clients and their competitors Facebook Cover pages and my oh my do our Orlando SEO team at Get The Clicks have some work to do in order to whip our clients Facebook covers into shape!

There are some general DON’T’S when it comes to fanpage covers, and we felt it was necessary to list them out for you, in case if you decide to make your own for your business:

1. Do not fill your cover photos with text! There is a strict 20% maximum rule.

2.  Do not place price and purchase information on your cover images. Her eis an example: 50% off swimsuits.

3. As tempting as it may be, do not place your contact information of any kind on your cover photo. The “About” section is where all pertinent details of hoe a customer is to contact you can be found.

4. Do not in any way hint on your cover photograph whether by cleverly placed arrows or text for people to “Like” or “Share” your fanpage.

5. Unfortunately, no Call To Actions can be used either, so do not write them in. I know I know, this is especially tough, but there are some ways to get around all of these rules.

Now that we know what NOT TO DO, let’s get into what a business owner CAN DO in their design.

1. First thing is first, the cover dimensions must be 851×315 pixels.

2. Use eye popping, colorful photographs that intrigue imagination, or provoke an emotion. Perhaps it could be your fabulous products laid out in an interesting manner.

3. Use Descriptive text or no text at all

4. Place the logo on the cover page or do what other businesses do and place the logo as a profile image.

5. Make sure your layout follows the rule of third or is laid out in a clean and non-busy manner

Now that we have all of the Facebook Cover facts covered, go and get creative! Get The Clicks would love to see what you come up with base don our Orlando SEO Facebook Tips!

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